The LumiEssence Skin Brightening cream is a really nice cream. It comes in an easy-to-dispense pump bottle, to make the routine go quicker. At first glance, I thought “How in the world will this little bottle do much of anything?” Then I tried it. It is small but mighty. Within a few days, I noticed a glow. I would have been happy if that’s all I got out of it. It looked great, so I was good to go! But as I continued to use it, I started noticing that the dark spots under my eyes faded a bit, and the redness in my cheeks wasn’t so red. This cream is lightweight, it feels good on my skin, without leaving any sticky feeling. This is huge for me, because I hate creams and lotions for that very reason. The scent was very pleasant, which is also great because this cream goes on your face and inevitably you will smell it. Over all? I was very pleased with this skin brightening cream! I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.


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