8 Amazing Living Room Décor Ideas For Smart DIY Homeowners

The living room is perhaps the most significant area of your home. After a long day at work, you can just plop up on the couch and have a relaxed evening watching TV. Also, this is where you attend your guests and have house parties. So doesn’t the living room deserve your attention when it comes to the décor ideas? Yes, it does! Whether you are a first-time homeowner or looking to revamp your living room, you would probably want to think out-of-the-box for this part of your home. Here are some amazing living room décor ideas that smart DIY homeowners can implement.

Plan before you start 

Even before you have décor in your head, you should have a plan in mind. Planning is essential because it gives you a fair idea about what you would want, considering constraints such as budget and floor area. Also, be clear about the type of décor you want, whether rustic, contemporary or anything else. Have your lifestyle in mind while deciding the kind of décor you want. For instance, if you have kids, you would want the space to be clutter-free. Party lovers need to think about having a lot of seating space. So plan from A to Z before you get started with the practical part!

Look for inspiration

After you are all set with your DIY décor plan, let the creative juices flow. Of course, your own ideas are important because they will replicate your taste. However, there is nothing wrong with looking for some inspiration. Your friends’ home is the best place to start. Check out home décor magazines for references and visit home décor websites as well. While seeking inspiration, do stick to your taste and lifestyle because you would not want to invest in something that does not match them.

Think personalized

Once again, it is crucial to understand that you should just get inspired and not copy. Rather, think personalized to come up with a living room décor that simply replicates your taste as a homeowner. If minimal is your style, focus more on limiting the number of furniture pieces though you can play with accessories here and there. Some natural plants will make a great condiment if you love greenery. The idea is to have a space that exudes warmth and your personal touch without going overboard.

Prioritize your purchases

Once you are through with the planning and inspiration phases, it is time to have everything penned down so that you can go shopping. Have the décor and design elements listed on paper, starting from the furniture pieces to the accessories and the knick-knacks for the walls and center table. Whether it is the living room sofa, center table, chairs or tv stand, look for quality, durability, functionality, and aesthetics in every single piece you buy. Make sure that all the items in the list when added come within your décor budget. If they don’t, start with the essentials and keep buying the extras as and when you can afford them.

Look for multifunctional pieces

The best thing about DIY living room décor is that you know exactly what you want and have the freedom to do things accordingly. So if you are pressed for storage space, you can add some smart multifunctional pieces that double up as storage. A large dresser, for example, can be used for placing your music system and serve as a storage unit for linens and out-of-season clothes. What about choosing a sofa-cum-bed that gives you an extra bed for unexpected guests? When you buy furniture for your living room, think multi-functional right from the start!

Maximize your space with measured details

Understanding the basic principles of measurement is the key to overcoming the constraints of a small living room. Since this is the place where you would relax, eat and entertain, space matters a lot. Optimal usage of the available area can make all the difference when it comes to making the room appear beautiful, spacious and comfortable. Opting for the right number and sizes of furniture pieces and placing them strategically is the best way to make your small space look larger. Keep a measuring tape handy to fit the furniture at the right places and also be willing to experiment with the placement.

Pay attention to the color palette

A fundamental lesson for DIY homeowners is to pay attention to the color palette they want for their living room. When it comes to the color palette, the walls and flooring should be a perfect match. Look for timeless options for flooring because this is something that stays for years. Neutral colors are the best for the walls though you can go dramatic with a bold color or texture on one wall that you want to highlight. Be wary of such choices though, as you may feel that they are too loud after some time. A single color palette is ideal for smaller spaces as these give the impression of openness. Shades of white and cream are the best for living rooms and you can add the pop of color with vibrant curtains, upholstery, and accessories.

Add accents in the end

When decorating or refurbishing your living room, start big first and then work your way down. The rule applies to both shopping for furniture and accessories as well as placing them in the room. Begin with the sofa and coffee table which are the centerpieces. Next, come the accent chairs, side table, media console, and lamps. Remember that lighting the space well is equally important because it accentuates the décor. After you are done with the mains, work on the accessories and decorative elements. This technique will give your space a cohesive look once you are done.

Following these tips makes DIY living room décor much easier than you think. Make sure that the room appears like a true reflection of your taste as a homeowner. Beyond everything, just remember to enjoy the process because decorating the place you love should give you joy and pride.


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