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A Personal Injury Story

by Majenica Moles

When you hear personal injury, most likely you are thinking about getting hurt at work, or in a public place. You don’t think about getting hurt in your own home.
When my son was 3, he started having some issues. Now, keep in mind, he is autistic and already displayed signs of this before the injury happened. He was super hyper, and just never stopped. Ever. He also had some learning delays, such as speech and motor skills.  We took him to the pediatrician, because he also didn’t sleep. She decided that based on some of his symptoms, she would run some blood work.
The blood work came back, and he tested positive for lead poisoning. The level wasn’t horribly high, but high enough that we saw problems with it, like the hyperactivity and such. It was also just high enough that it had to be reported to the state. This was a blessing, because our landlord at the time wasn’t going to take care of the issue.
You see, we lived in an apartment that used to be an old bank back in the 1800’s. It had the original bank vault, which was our pantry. It had the wheel on the front that was used to lock the door and such. Being children, my boys would play on it, pretending they were driving. Well, my youngest son has a habit of putting things in his mouth, or putting his mouth on things, so he would always put his mouth on that wheel.

The State

The state stepped in, and sent me some testing kits, to determine what all had lead in it. The vault door was the culprit. My landlord didn’t want to do anything about it. He said we just needed to keep the boys away from it. The state stepped in and made him take the vault door out.  He drug his feet for weeks, until he was threatened with a fine. He wasn’t happy about it at all!

Then and now

Once the source was removed, my son improved and his levels went down to normal. Fast forward about 2 years, and we are still seeing residual effects, like speech delay and motor skill delay. We decided to contact a personal injury attorney. Of course, as soon as the old landlord heard of this, he started calling me, and getting angry. He would say that it’s all done and over, so why bring it back up now. I told him that I wasn’t suing him to get a bunch of money, but rather to help pay for the therapies my son needed. He continued to call, and eventually, I just gave up and dropped the suit. I really wish I hadn’t done that.
Nowadays, my son still has some speech delay and motor skill delay, but not severe. He is able to function very well, and only has issues with things like holding scissors properly, and some letter sounds. This, of course, is due to years of therapies.

Personal Injury Attorney

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