I am in love with this weather station from AcuRite! It is simply awesome!
Ok, so who is afraid of bad weather? Me. Who loves bad weather and likes to go outside and freak his wife out? My husband!! He’s crazy! I had purchased a scanner a few years ago, so that he can keep an eye on weather and area happenings. Well, to be honest, it’s not a very good one. It cost a lot of money, and doesn’t work very well. Here is a pic of it (minus the brand name):
Yes, that’s dust all over it from not being used.
So, I had the opportunity to review a weather station from AcuRite, so I jumped on it!
The AcuRite Weather Station Plus Weather Alert Radio is most likely the best weather station I have come across. It has a ton of features, and is so simple to use!
The features include:

  • NOAA Weather Service
  • Fips code for accurate state/county
  • Automatic alerts for emergency, weather and public announcements
  • 12-24 hour forecasting, using a patented self calibrating forecasting system
  • Outdoor temperature and humidity tracking
  • Self setting clock and calendar, with automatic Daylight Savings Time
  • Alarm clock with 2 stage alarm tones (for those that are impossible to get up….like me!)
  • Headphone jack, so that you can keep little kiddos from hearing the bad stuff when taking cover, or just because you want to…
  • AC Power Adapter that will keep the batteries from being drained, while the handset is docked

The handset is smallish, but not too small. It has a holster clip on the backside that is removable. I love how the handset has indicators at the top showing whether the issue is an advisory, watch or warning. Sometimes it can be hard to remember which is which, so the way it’s set up is very helpful. It goes from the least dangerous, the advisory, the most dangerous, a warning. So you know what it is by looking 🙂 This is especially helpful for kiddos. They tend to freak out (at least my youngest does!!) during bad weather, no matter if it’s storms, snow, or just wind.
The actual dock, which houses the alarm clock, is very easy to set up and use as well. It already has the time and date set as soon as you put the batteries in. You can go through the settings to make sure everything else is set, but most likely it is. I love that it has a visual of what the weather is. In this instance, it just has a cloud with a little sun peeking through.
Show of hands, here. How many of you have trouble getting up in the morning?? Yeah, me, too…haha! I hate mornings! I am constantly hitting snooze, which is counterproductive! With this alarm clock, you have a 2 stage alarm, helping you to get up. This is awesome, and definitely going to be useful! Right now I use my phone. It lays beside my bed. See where I’m going with this?? I reach over and hit snooze about 14 times every morning..lol.
The thing that makes the accurate forecasting possible is the sensor that comes with this. There is a small white sensor that can be placed outside, but needs to be within 330 feet of the weather station itself. You can hang it from a protected tree branch, or you can anchor it to your front porch. It just has to be out of direct sunlight, as this can alter the temperatures that are relayed to your station.
Overall? I am super happy with this weather station! It took me less than five minutes to set up and use, and it has a great design, so it will not stand out like a sore thumb no matter what room I put it in! Head on over to AcuRite and get yours today!

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