Butter soft leggings? Did I hear that right? I didn’t know there was a difference in leggings. I mean, you buy them from your local store and you wear them. Granted, you wear them in public when people think you shouldn’t, but you wear them. They are pretty much all made the same, aren’t they? Wrong. Dead wrong. Like, you could not be further from right in this situation. Let me explain.
butter soft
These leggings are butter soft. I never would have thought that possible. But then my good friend Stephenie Ahner sent me these to try. She created a monster. These leggings are the one and only Lularoe leggings that are oh-so-popular. Lularoe is a fantastic company that has comfortable clothing. Their leggings come in sizes to fit little girls all the way to plus size women. I’m a plus size woman myself, and I don’t feel constricted in any way with these leggings.  In fact, the butter soft feel of these makes them that much more comfortable to me.
butter soft
I can sit around my house and chill, or I can run errands, or whatever I need to do. I can do it while being comfortable. They have stretch, and they have give. They have an amazing waistband that doesn’t roll or get funky like most do. Stephenie is a great consultant, too, and she didn’t just send the leggings and wash her hands of it. No. That’s not how she rolls, ladies and gentlemen. When you get something from her, whether it be a free giveaway item (oh, yes, she does giveaways!!) or you purchase, she takes care of you! She made sure to send all of the essentials and information I would need, as well as follow up with me. She is an amazing consultant, and you will love her <3.
Stephenie has an awesome group on Facebook called Lularoe by Stephenie Ahner VIPs. You would do well to go there and join, as she hosts pop up parties and lots of GIVEAWAYS!!! Everyone loves a giveaway!!!
**The leggings in this post were provided to me at no charge by Stephenie Ahner, an independent Lularoe consultant, at no charge, in exchange for my honest review/blog post. Lularoe had no part in this review, and were in no way responsible for providing my product.


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