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Cookies and cakes are, without a doubt, one of the best snacks. Otis Spunkmeyer has some of the absolute best cookies and cakes that my family has tasted!

About Otis Spunkmeyer

So, Otis Spunkmeyer isn’t actually a person. Say what?!?!? Yep, it’s true, very true. Back in 1976 Ken Rawlings was walking through the Fox Hills Mall cakesin Los Angeles when something hit him on the nose. Well, it was more in the nose. It was the smell of fresh baked cookies. The realization that he could make a living surrounded by that heavenly smell inspired him to open a cookie shop. His daughter came up with the Otis Spunkmeyer name, and it stuck. The first store was in Oakland, and by 1979 he had left his day job to run the store full time. He quickly realized that he was onto something, and started moving towards wholesale. He started delivering to restaurants, delis and cafeterias and any other business that wanted to sell fresh baked cookies. The rest, well, it was history! Now Otis Spunkmeyer is a common household name, and their products are loved by all!

Golden Crème Cakes

cakesTake a bite of this delicious spongy vanilla snack cake. It will make you happy. And then a split-second later, you will discover an even more delicious vanilla crème center, and you will be even happier.
When we first got these cakes, and I showed them to my husband, he told me there was no way that they could compete with the “other brand.” Then he took a bite, and it was all over. These golden cakes are much fresher, and more moist. They just had a flavor that the other brands just can’t compete with.
My husband has been a loyal consumer to the other brand his whole life, so he was sure that nothing could measure up to those. And he was right. Otis Spunkmeyer didn’t measure up to the other brand…they surpassed them! These golden cakes are super soft, almost fluffy-like. The center filling is amazing! I personally don’t like the other brand, so I didn’t think I would like these. Boy, was I wrong! These don’t taste anything like the other brand at all! There really is no comparison.

Strawberry Frosted Golden Crème Cakes

Think you love the golden crème cakes? Wait until you try the strawberry frosted ones! I am not much of a strawberry person, but these were notcakes overwhelming at all. It was a light, subtle strawberry flavor, that anyone will love. The cakes are not strawberry flavored, but rather they are the golden crème cakes, complete with the vanilla crème center. The icing is what has strawberry in it.
These are just as light and fluffy as the un-iced ones. These don’t have a ton of icing on them, but it is a decently thick layer. Basically enough to make it sweet and yummy, but not so much that it’s too sweet to eat. These particular cakes have been hidden, so that only I can find them! They are mine, mine, mine!!

Chocolate Chip Super Cookie

cakesMy, oh my, oh my! This 9″ super cookie is probably the best cookie I’ve ever eaten in my life. Seriously. So, you know how you can get those big giant cookies in the bakery section of a grocery store? If you said yes, you probably also know that those cookies usually taste stale and kind of icky. So, when I got this, to be quite honest, I fully expected it to be icky. I really need to learn to set my expectations higher, because this super cookie completely blew me away!
The first thing I noticed was the paper tray it came on. This tray exists, instead of plastic, so that you can warm up the cookie. I mean, who doesn’t love fresh, warm cookies? So, I warmed the cookie up, and tried it out. Wowsers! This is one amazing cookie! So, I went to their website to see a little bit about why it tasted so good. Did you know that Otis Spunkmeyer puts molasses in their cookies? No wonder it tastes so good.


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