What a week it was last week!!! Changes are afoot!! I have made the very hard decision to take some time off from school. I have been in school so long, and I am exhausted! I need some time to regroup and focus my attention on my children and my house.

We have decided to get back into fostering again. Exciting 🙂  I am so glad that we got the caseworker we were wanting! Having a great caseworker is all of the difference!! All paperwork is finished and we are having our first training on Feb. 23rd. I can’t wait :):):)

Dustin has been home from school all week sick with strep throat. Poor boy. He doesn’t get sick. ever. So this was tough for him. He is still coughing quite a bit, even after the meds, so we might have to make another trip to the doc…blah.

Well, on the bright side, with all of the time on my hands from not having to complete so much school work, I can update my blog more regularly!! WOOT! lol!!


"Time spent with cats is never wasted." ~ Sigmund Freud