Today, people often go for a dry herb vaporizer instead of oils because of several reasons. The first one is very simple and obvious, herbs demand less heat. Another reason, it’s a lot easier to clean such vaporizers after use. Additionally, it is simple to operate them, and on use, it provides a deeper rich flavor. Apart from this, it is better than nicotine smoking (tobacco). With all these benefits, it has become popular throughout the world and is a widely used way to inhale the dry herbs.

But here’s something. With so many pieces of dry herb vaporizers being available in the market, how to choose the right one especially, when it’s your first one. So without molding things, let’s take a glance at the few things that you must consider before buying one.

 Check its portability

The primary thing to do while purchasing one is to check whether it is a portable one or a desktop unit. For those who generally love to vape at home, should go for a desktop unit. On the other hand, people who vape frequently must consider a portable one. In general, a portable device has a lot of benefits such as it is easy to carry, and one can enjoy vaping at their desired places. So think twice about the portability while buying.

Temperature control

Several dry herb vaporizers use heat settings, while others offer fully customizable temperatures enabling you to boost and reduce them by degree. Both of the above-mentioned options are secure as long as the user recognizes what they are doing.

Most of the vaporizing companies suggest not to vape at a temperature of 420℉ and above. Since it may cause over combustion and you may get a burned, sour flavor. Some vaporizers such as Firefly vape come with mobile-friendly apps. These apps are pretty good at optimizing precise temperatures for optimal taste.  Apart from this, temperature settings may affect the density of your vapor clouds as well.

Since one of the common notable benefits of vaping is its superior taste, you may end up getting harsh one if you raise the temperature. Cannabis generally gives a taste when burned at low temperatures because of the terpenes and oils present in it. In research, it was found that terpenes are the chief cause of why people prefer one strain of cannabis over another.


It is important for you to consider the battery if you travel a lot or do not have enough time to charge. There are some vaping devices that carry an external battery for your backup. Others may have a long battery of approximately 2-3 hours of working. But some do not even survive for half an hour when up to its peak temperature.

What it means that while purchasing a vaporizer compare their batteries, after all, it’s the “mah” that matters. Also, check how the device responds to the charger while getting charged. This means the maximum time it takes to get fully charged. Also, check if the device allows you to operate itself while it is charging.  

Conduction vs Convection

Before diving deep into it you must better understand the main difference between both of them. Conduction (Herb is in direct contact with heat). Convection (Hot air passes through herb).

Generally, the vaporizers that are cheap and come for a low price use conduction heat. Conduction heat touches the herb directly, as a result, the bud sometimes gets brown colored, and some poorly made devices may even burn it.

On the other hand, the devices that use convection heat are generally more expensive. Since no heating element is being touched, the device produces more smooth vape with a rich flavor and taste. Now you would probably have a question in your mind i.e. which one is better?

This is something that you solely can choose for yourself. If you desire smooth vapes and want to experience the rich flavors of the herbs then you definitely may go for a convection one. This does not mean that conduction is not satisfying, it is good at its place too. So before choosing one, it is suggested to test both of them by yourself.

Have a check at its heating chamber means its size, the material used

This is important for you to know that there is no fixed or best size of a heating chamber. But, definitely, a heating chamber i.e. big in size is more convenient, because it enables you to vape for a longer period. Also, the chamber that is large in size generates more vapes as compared to others.

Moving towards the build quality, it is suggested to purchase a vape device that is made up of high-grade quality material. Vapers are composed utilizing diverse components including synthetic, stainless steel, glass, and ceramic. Synthetic vaporizers have a weak immunity to heat and generate a distinctive taste/smell, when heated, which affects the vaping experience. Stainless steel devices regularly are made up of hard material and are easy to maintain. On the other hand, glass and ceramic vaporizers are the most delicate. However, these materials are inactive and do not change the flavor or odor of your herb. Most of the dry herb vaporizers use a ceramic heating chamber. Which in result provides consistent heat and can heat up in just a few seconds.

Display screen

Maximum people want to know what is happening with their vaporizer. No one wants to just sit around and wonder their vape is heating up, what temperature it is at, and how much time they have left before their battery dies. So in order to avoid such problems go for a device that shows all the above-mentioned information on the display screen.

So you would have probably got the answers to your questions. Now it all depends upon you and your needs. Hopefully, this piece of information may better help you choose the right vaping device. And at last, keep one thing into consideration i.e. do not purchase a vaporizer by seeing its price.


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