Flooring. One of the most expensive things you will do to your business. A good commercial flooring will last several years, and will require minimal repair or maintenance. 

Why Commercial Flooring?

 There are a number of reasons that you should use commercial flooring in your business. The main reason is that you need a stronger flooring for a business. There is generally a lot of foot traffic, which means more wear and tear. With residential flooring, it’s not designed for that kind of wear and tear. You need something that will hold up over time.

Commercial flooring is also made of more stable material, to withstand the frequent cleanings. While a residential flooring might only be mopped once a week, generally, commercial flooring gets cleaned daily. Because of the constant foot traffic, commercial flooring is also more likely to have foods and liquids spilled on it daily. This means even more cleaning, so the more stable the materials, the better.

Flooring Types

There are several types of commercial flooring: hardwood, carpet, vinyl, and tile. Each one has pros and cons, but really it will boil down to your preference, as well as the nature of your business. For example, offices will generally go with carpet, as it’s a quieter option. Nobody wants to work with the constant clicking of shoes on a floor.

Vinyl flooring can be the most cost effective and budget friendly option, while hardwood or tile is likely to be a bit more pricey. Each category has a ton of options within it, as far as design, color, etc.  You can generally find just about any color you would want, along with an extensive amount of options for design. 

Now, if you are in an upscale office, or a club, some lvt flooring, or luxury vinyl tile, would be a fantastic option! This is a higher end flooring that would look beautiful and elegant. While it is a bit pricey, there are some phenomenal designs to choose from, and you really can’t go wrong!

Only 1 Option?

In my place of businesses, a bowling alley, we have this really neat carpet in the bowlers area that has geometric shapes that are fluorescent in color. We also have vinyl flooring in our kitchen, because that is a better option than carpet in that area. Trust me, I spill a lot of stuff in the kitchen, so carpet would not be a wise choice there.

In our bathrooms, we actually have tile, because of the high traffic in there. It’s easy to keep clean, and will be able to take the wear and tear.

So, in any given business, there can be several types of flooring. It really depends on what is needed within each area. Yes, a business could potentially have the same flooring throughout, but that’s not always the best option. For somewhere like an office, carpet wouldn’t be the best throughout, because carpet isn’t good in a bathroom. So, you end up with different flooring in different areas.

Finding the right flooring doesn’t have to be hard. Just think about what your needs are in the different areas of your business. Once you have that figured out, you will know what category to shop!


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