Most everyone has thought about cosmetic dentistry at some point in their lives. Cosmetic Dentistry is defined as a variety of dental treatments aimed at improving the appearance of the teeth. 

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many types of cosmetic dentistry procedures available. Let’s take a quick look at some of the procedures available to help you be happier with your smile.


After a number of years, some people have trouble with their teeth becoming discolored. This can be bothersome to those who are self conscience about their smiles. Thankfully, there are options for this. The dentist will clean their teeth and apply a whitening agent. This can be a one time procedure, or it can be completed on a regular basis. 

Composite Bonding 

This is something I have had done myself. Sometimes when a tooth is very decayed, the dentist can completely drill out all of the decay, then use a material to fill it in and sculpt it to into the shape of a tooth. This is an option when you don’t have the funds to do a major replacement/cover procedure. I have had several teeth repaired this way, and while it’s a great option, it’s not meant to be a long term option.


These are a great option if you have the funds and/or insurance that helps cover them. When you get veneers, you are basically putting a cap over your existing teeth. This would be applied to the front of your teeth, using a dental adhesive to keep them in place. This could help hide a multitude of issues such as crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, etc.


A crown is used to cover a tooth that has had a root canal performed. This can also be used for teeth that have extensive decay that can’t be built up with the composite bonding. Depending on what insurance covers, the crown could be stainless steel or porcelain. Without a crown, most usually the option left is to extract the tooth.

Dental Implants 

These are a great alternative to regular dentures or bridges. Unlike a regular denture, these implants are held in place with screws. They can be taken out to clean and such, but they are held in place with the screw while in your mouth. This is great because you don’t have to use any kind of adhesive to hold them in like you might have to with dentures. You can get one tooth or many teeth replaced with implants. 


Dentures are a great option for those that have had their teeth extracted. This could have happened for any number of reasons, such as health problems. The quality of the dentures will vary with what you can afford and/or what insurance will pay for. There are different “levels” of quality, such as an economy package for the lowest cost. Dentures are made to be taken out and cleaned daily. Some people have to use adhesive to keep them in place during the day. You can get dentures for just the top or bottom, or both, depending on your need.


There are different options for straightening. The most obvious and known method is braces. This is the process of using wires and brackets to straighten the teeth. This can be stainless steel or clear. This process usually requires the wearer to go in every month or so to tighten the wires, thus creating the straightening process. I remember a good friend having braces in middle school. When she had them tightened, it was painful and she had a migraine for 1-2 days after.

There is another option, however. One that is less invasive, and less painful. This would be Invisalign. With this process, you are fitted with a mold that helps straighten your teeth without wires and without pain. You go in on a certain schedule to get the mold replaced as your teeth straighten.  There are tons of places to get Invisalign done, and most dental offices do them.  One of my family members went to a place for Invisalign in Tampa. They loved the whole process, and it was quite affordable!

In conclusion, there are many types of cosmetic dentistry available to fit your preference and your budget. The first thing you should check is whether your dental insurance covers any of the cosmetic dentistry procedures. This is the best way to get started because you will then know more of what expenses will be expected of you.



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