Whisps, prices vary
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Have you ever tried Whisps? If not, you need to do it now! These are the absolute, most delicious, most scrumptious snack ever! I am a cheese lover, and Whisps did not dissapoint! They are, simply, cheese. That’s it, other than the flavors added. I love that they are minimal in ingredients. These are low carb, too, so if you are watching carbs, these are the perfect snack. They come in 5 different flavors: Parmesan, Cheddar, Tomato & Basil, Bacon BBQ, and Asiago & Pepper Jack. This is a great variety to please any cheese lover. They are crispy like a chip, but much healthier! You can find them in several stores, and to make it easy, Whisps has a store finder on their site 🙂

Yankee Stadium Tapestry Throw, The Northwest, $34.95
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If you have a Yankees fan in your life, this is the ultimate gift! My husband was absolutely over the moon when this arrived. He is a die-hard Yankees fan, and has successfully turned me into a baseball fan in the past year 🙂 This tapestry throw is very nice, and features the inside of Yankee Stadium. It’s beautifully designed, and as you can see, is a nice size. It looks wonderful on the back of my husband’s recliner.

Strengthens Me Tapestry Throw, The Northwest, $34.95
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Philippians 4:13 has long been my favorite Bible verse. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. I never knew why this verse meant so much until my youngest son was born. He has autism, and the first 6 years were rough before our diagnosis. Behaviors were horrid, and he never slept. Sensory issues ran rampant. It was a tough time. Ironically, his birthday is April 13, or 4/13. See the correlation? So, when I had the opportunity to get this throw from The Northwest, I had to. It was meant to be! This is a beautiful throw, and would make an amazing gift for anyone. It’s a very nice size, as you can see in the picture (also, that is my son who has autism…how ironic..haha).

Legend Age Lipstick,$30.00
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When I first got this lipstick, I worried that it would be one of those “mood” type of lipsticks. You know the one. It will give you weird and funky colors that you have no control over. Well, thankfully, that’s not the case with Legend Age Lipstick. Some days, I don’t really have color at all, just a hint of natural pink. Other days I get a slightly pinker color, and that’s cute, too! I love the moisturizing components of this lipstick. When I put it on, it keeps my lips moisturized for several hours, without needing to reapply. If you are in need of a good moisturizer, I definitely think you should give this a try! Besides, they also send a cute little case!

Legend Age Lipstick is probably one of the best-formulated lipstick there in the market. Our all-natural healthy lipsticks are enriched with moisturizing and hydrating ingredients to give your lips soft, super-shiny and a unique natural color depending on the pH value of each individual’s skin.

  • 4 in 1 Lipstick – can be used as moisturizing lip balm, natural color lipstick, hydrating lip mask, sunscreen with SPF for the lips
  • Gives a natural and healthy cherry color
  • Changes color according to your lip’s pH level
  • No presence of toxic ingredients – safe for consumption
  • Long lasting lipstick without residue after eating, drinking or kissing
  • Heals cracked, chapped, dull and black lips
  • Hydrating effects during dry weather like winter
  • Safe for kids and pregnant women
  • Suitable for men with unhealthy lips

Misty Mate Personal Mister, $49.99
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The Misty Mate is the perfect companion for those hot, humid days. I personally like that it doesn’t require batteries. You simply pump it to provide the pressure needed to use the mister. You can put ice cold water in this and keep cool in any weather. It’s compact, so you can even take it on the go. This is great for carrying with you during hiking, or going to theme parks.

MistyMate MISTPRO 3 THE ULTIMATE PERSONAL MISTER The ultra slim, lightweight and highly versatile MISTPRO 3 is the hand-held personal mister of tomorrow – delivering premium performance and continuous ultra-fine mist on command. Entirely human powered, the MISTPRO 3 pressurizes easily via an integrated hand pump and at the push of a button it propels an ultra-fine mist that provides temperate climate control in high heat conditions. MISTPRO 3 forces pressurized air and water through its specialized misting nozzle, atomizing liquid H2O into micro particles that flash-evaporate and dramatically cool the surrounding air temperature up to 30°F. With a fluid capacity of 3. 0 oz. (88. 7 mL), the MISTPRO3 incorporates the latest in design, materials and performance to deliver the most elegant and exceptional “mist cooling” experience. Use the MISTPRO 3 to control your climate with unparalleled style.

Mr. Bubble, prices vary
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Mr. Bubble…ah, that brings back memories! My first memories of using Mr. Bubble are at my grandparents house.  Grandma always kept a box of Mr. Bubble powder for us grandkids to use. I’ve always loved using it! In fact, I still do, and I’m 41..haha. Recently, I also discovered that my kitten loves playing in the bubbles. She’s kind of crazy..lol. This Easter, Mr. Bubble has a few different things. They have some bath crackles, that will crackle and pop and provide much fun! There is also some classic Mr. Bubble bubble bath, and some foaming soap. These are great Easter basket additions!

For more bath time entertainment, try Mr. Bubble Magic Bath Crackles and Mr. Bubble
Bubble Bath Minis in limited-edition Easter Egg holiday designs. Listen to the Bath
Crackles POP! and SNAP! when you pour them into the water and feel them tingle and
fizz in your hands. For an even bigger show, swirl them around in the water to make
them crackle even louder. And who doesn’t love Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath? Kids will
enjoy big, long-lasting bubbles in Mr. Bubble’s original bubblegum scent in convenient
2.5-ounce travel-sized bottles, making on-the-go bathing at grandma’s house a breeze.
The Easter Egg Magic Bath Crackles and Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath Minis are available for
$1 and the 8-ounce special-edition Foam Soap cans retail for $3. All products are now
available at select Walmart stores nationwide.
Sesame Street Bath Bombs, $3.97
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These are the absolute cutest! They also smell amazing. Sesame Street bath bombs are a great way to add some fun to your kids’ Easter basket. They are gender neutral, so they can be enjoyed by all, including adults! I mean, come on, I’m an adult and I enjoy them..haha. Seriously, though, they are pretty good size, which is great because you are getting your money’s worth!
B is for the BEST Bath Time with Sesame Street Bath Bombs
Debuting in time for Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary this year, preschoolers and big kids
alike will be begging for a bath with their new Sesame Street Bubbling Bath Bombs
featuring the friendly faces of Big Bird and Cookie Monster. These bombs contain
naturally-derived, skin softening coconut oil and offer a brilliant display of swirling,
bubbling colors once placed in the bath water. The 110g bath bombs retail for $3.97 and
are now available at select Walmart stores nationwide.
Martina’s Kitchen  Mix, $12.99 & up (various retailers)
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I’ve been a Martina McBride fan for a long time, so when I heard she was debuting a cookbook, I needed to have it. This is a very nice cookbook, made with high quality materials. It would make a great coffee table book, as well! It’s filled to the brim with delicious recipes of all kinds, and you will have so much fun making them!
To country music icon Martina McBride, cooking and singing aren’t all that different. When she makes something delicious, she wants to share it, which is a lot like sharing her music with an audience. When she’s not on stage or in the studio, Martina is most likely experimenting in the kitchen and cooking with family and friends. Growing up on a farm in Kansas, Martina began helping her mother in the kitchen at an early age, preparing fresh-from-the-field ingredients. Meals and stories were shared daily around the table. It’s a tradition she continues with her own family as often as she can because real life is what’s worth celebrating. In this gorgeously photographed cookbook, readers will find more than 100 simple and satisfying recipes filled with fresh, seasonal ingredients and downhome flavor. Martina encourages cooking “outside the lines” and shows you how to make cooking fun with creative “ad-lib” tips for recipe riffs you might consider. Mix things up in the kitchen and create your own delicious memories with her inspired recipes to feed a handful or a houseful. Whip up Martina’s family favorites like her mother-in-law Flavia’s Deviled Eggs, husband John’s Bacon-Wrapped Olives, or her go-to Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Chipotle Sauce and Slaw. Plan a weekend brunch menu, serving Baked French Toast with Pecan Crumble and Blackberry-Maple Syrup and Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole with Tomato Gravy. Toast friends at happy hour with her Blackberry-Lemon Gin & Tonic while enjoying Grilled Sweet Peppers with Goat Cheese and Herbs. And when it’s time to celebrate with family and indulge in dessert, try Martina’s Fresh Apple Cake with Homemade Caramel Sauce or No-Bake Peanut Butter-Chocolate Cookies.
Joyfuls, prices vary
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Joyfuls are a decadent treat! The variety I have is dark chocolate, almonds and pink himalayan salt. Inspired by a confection originating from Europe, Joyfuls are rich, dark chocolates made with 60% cacao and topped with dried fruit, roasted nuts or seeds with a sprinkling of pink Himalayan salt. The perfect balance of sweet and salty. Individually wrapped to enjoy anytime, anywhere. A sweet treat created for you or to share with a friend.


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