Every time you plan to step out of the house, you have a choice to make which is very hard for a lot of people and that is choosing what to wear. For most women, making this choice is very hard and if you are one of those women then you would agree that things mostly boil down to two opposing options; comfort or fashion. Your mind keeps on supporting comfort in some situations while simultaneously urging you to leave comfort behind and pay heed to the glam. Well, this article is here to keep that precise conflict at bay by offering a middle ground; the merger of fashion and comfort. Yes, it is possible to have both, and here’s how.

Dress choices

Dresses are perhaps the leaders when it comes to giving a style statement. The variety and options offered by different dresses are incomparable with any other piece of clothing. Now due to the variety of dresses, it becomes all-the-more easier for you to pick a dress that can offer comfort and look fashionable at the same time. Go for bold colors and try to stick to a monochromatic dress. Make sure the stitching is up to the mark. Also, remember, you don’t always have to pick a skin-tight dress. A loose dress can also be carried off with a lot of class. All you need is confidence.

Jeggings, a safe play

Going for tight skin fit jeans for an outing is always your first choice but in the back of the head, you are haunted by the sweat and discomfort you are about to face in the heat. Jeans are no doubt rugged and look good but they can always be substituted by a pair of jeggings. They give the look of jeans but are made of a much more breathable and comfortable material than denim.

Soles and Shoes

Your stilettos and pumps are your prized possessions and are mostly kept in the reserve for the best events. Though there are times when you want to wear something a bit more comfortable and not so fancy. You can opt for the middle ground by selecting some good looking sneakers or flat-soled shoes. You can easily bring them to harmony with your wardrobe by selecting the colors accordingly. You can even visit here to have look at the different colors and variety of comfortable shoes that you can match with different outfits. It’s usually a good idea to occasionally pick these feet-friendly shoes for outings.

Breathable tops

Tight-fitting tops with frills and heavy attachments are quite the opposite of a comfortable dress code. Sweating, restricted movement and other discomforts are all that you will get when you choose a fancy top over a comfortable one. Now no one is asking you to start wearing oversized t-shirts, even though they look very good if carried off properly, you can easily go for a nice tube top or a tank top. Bold colors and well-fitting crop tops can also help your skin breathe much better.

Combining fashion trends and comfortable clothes aren’t as hard as it seems. All you need is proper guidance and some boosts of confidence and you are good to go. Following these aforementioned points will always help you with this cause.



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