If you are looking for the perfect gift for the father in your life, look no further! Here you will find all sorts of Father’s Day gifts, along with pricing and links to the item!

Norm The Lawn Gnome, $19.95

Let me just say that normally, I am creeped out by garden gnomes. Like, seriously creeped out. But, for some reason, Norm spoke to me! I think it was his hilariously serious look. It’s like he’s in a constant state of “What in the world?” Norm now resides on my kitchen counter as my mascot 🙂

We all need a subtle way to express how we are feeling in a given situation, but sometimes we lack the words. Every now and again, we could use a little help to get that message across even when we can’t be there ourselves. Introducing Norm, he will ask those tough questions for you. There are endless possibilities to the places Norm can stand in for you. Wherever you feel like someone should think twice about the choices they are making, Norm has your back.

FujiFilm instax mini 9, $59.95

This is a great little camera for dad! It’s compact, so he can take it places he loves to go, like fishing! The photos are great quality, so dad can show off those fish that he catches, without lugging around a giant camera. These photos are super fun, too! They are small enough to hang on the fridge without taking up a ton of space. This is definitely the perfect gift for dad!

A compact instant film camera, the smokey white instax mini from Fujifilm has been updated for selfie shooters and features a range of convenient controls for producing credit card-sized prints. The sleek design incorporates a Fujinon 60mm f/12.7 lens, which offers a fixed focus from 2′ to infinity, and a small selfie mirror is built into the front of the lens design for accurately composing self-portraits. Alternatively, a macro attachment lens is included to reduce the minimum focus distance for working with close-up subjects. For general shooting, the optical viewfinder is available and incorporates a central target spot to aid in composing images.

  • New! Selfie Mirror
  • New! Macro lens for close-ups
  • Auto Flash/Focus Free – Take bold, vibrant pictures, even in low lighting
  • Brightness Adjustment Dial – Automatically determines the best brightness and suitable setting by lighting the corresponding mode (Indoors, Cloudy, Sunny, Very Sunny)
  • High-Key Photo – Setting the brightness adjustment dial to high-key mode allow you to take images with a softer impression
  • Take Instant Photos – Uses Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant color film (5.3cm x 8.4cm)
  • The unique credit-card sized film is easy to carry in your purse or wallet and has that distinct white frame that you can leave blank or write personalized fun messages
  • Electronic Shutter – 1/60 sec. shutter speed ensures every moment is captures in an instant
  • Built-in Lens Cover – Protecting your camera is easy with the electronic lens cover that automatically opens when the camera turns on
  • Fujinon Lens – Take clear pictures effortlessly with a superior quality lens

Art of The Gentleman Set, $37

This is the perfect set for the dad who loves ties! It not only has the main attraction, the tie, of course, but it has a pocket square and a tie bar! The colors are wonderful, and go together well.

This set goes harder than the ice burg that took down the Titanic. In between the polar vortex and spring time thaws, then all the way through the summer breezes. Keep your cool. The Striped Arctic Cherry Tie Set. All Gentleman Sets Guaranteed to Make Your Dapper Days Easy.

Tie: Striped Arctic Cherry Tie
Pocket Square: Seashell Pink Pocket Square
Tie Bar: Pink Tie Bar

JBL UA Sport Wireless REACT, $129.95

These are great earphones for anyone! I know that one thing I hate about the wired earphones is that the wire is always getting in the way. It seems like I’m always ripping the earphones out of my ears. With these wireless earphones, there is no worries of doing that. Which is great, because I have piercings that I really don’t want ripped out.

UA Sport Wireless React empowers athletes to train harder, longer, and safer. With a secure, high-performance design and JBL Charged Sound, these aluminum earbuds are built for motivation. Featuring UA Storm waterproof technology with an IPX7 rating, these are durable for any workout or elements that may come your way. Hear your surroundings with Bionic Hearing featuring TalkThru Technology to quickly interact with your workout partner, and AmbientAware Technology to hear your surroundings for increased safety. With Sport Flex Fit Ear Tips, the UA Sport Wireless React promises a secure and comfortable fit that will stay in place through your workout. A 9-hour battery powers a week’s worth of workouts on a single charge and with a seamless Bluetooth connection, you’ll be tuned in to any environment.

JBL UA Sport Wireless PIVOT, $129.95

The PIVOT earphones are great for my son, who seems to struggle with keeping earbuds in his ears. He has autism and sensory issues, so it’s hard to find earbuds that are comfortable for him to wear, and that stay put. These seem to do really well with him, and he loves that there are no wires to get caught up in. They are great for him to wear on his walks, and when we go to workout.

UA Sport Wireless Pivot empowers athletes to train harder, longer, and safer. With a secure, high-performance design and JBL Charged Sound, these aluminum earbuds are built for motivation. Featuring UA Storm waterproof technology with an IPX7 rating, these are durable for any workout or elements that may come your way. Hear your surroundings with Bionic Hearing featuring TalkThru Technology to quickly interact with your workout partner, and AmbientAware Technology to hear your surroundings for increased safety. With Sport Flex Fit Ear Tips and a behind-the-ear hook, the UA Sport Wireless Pivot promises a secure and comfortable fit that will stay in place through your workout. A 9-hour battery powers a week’s worth of workouts on a single charge and with a seamless Bluetooth connection, you’ll be tuned in to any environment.

Zignum is delicious! It’s great in a mixed drink or by itself. Give dad the gift of Zignum this year for Father’s Day!
Born out of the pioneering vision of a family that believes the world is yet to discover the wonders of mezcal. Zignum Mezcal is the flagship of Casa Armando Guillermo Prieto, created to showcase the agave in its purest form and to celebrate Oaxaca’s culture and passion for mezcal. It’s not surprising then that today Zignum Mezcal is prized and recognized as the World’s Most Awarded Mezcal.

Sugar Island Spiced Rum, $18.99

This is a fantastic addition to dads bar! Sugar Island Spiced Rum tastes great on its own, or in a mixed drink. This is sure to make a great gift! Surrender to the exotic pleasures of Sugar Island Spiced Rum. A rich, rounded, bronze beauty, this rum offers opulent vanilla and caramel flavors, accented by notes of warm cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. It’s a beautiful balance of natural sugars and spices, so it’s smooth enough to sip straight, and strong enough to add a spicy touch to your favorite rum cocktails.


Tifosi Sunglasses, $25

These sunglasses are definitely quality! My son is super picky about his, and he loves these. They have a great fit, and do a great job at keeping his eyes protected in the sun. Sunglasses make the best gifts for dad because they are useful, cool, and a must have accessory! Tifosi‘s stylish Swick sunglasses are a great option. They are part of an athleisure collection giving dad the option of wearing them anywhere, whether he is watching the kids at the pool or running a marathon!

Grandpa Soap Co. Bar Soaps, prices vary

Hardworking, simple and pure ingredients are the heart of our natural soap making tradition from our time honored heritage problem solvers to our dual-ingredient face and body soaps. You can find a whole line of soaps that have been thoughtfully crafted with the same attention to detail and respect for ingredients as Jess Hoffman in 1878.

Grandpa Soap Co. Pine Tar Bath Collection, prices vary

This is great for those dads that have issues with dry, irritated skin. My husband has Psoriasis and this has really helped with the irritation!

We’ve improved the formula of our 100% plant-based Pine Tar Body Wash – now with the natural properties of tea tree oil and the anti-oxidant powers of organic carrot seed oil. Cleanses, deodorizes and moisturizes irritated skin. Ideal for showering, shampooing and facial grooming, this 3-in-1 wonder is made with natural pine tar oil to deeply cleanse, deodorize and moisturize from head to toe.

Grandpa Soap Co. Pine Tar Shampoo & Conditioner, price varies

My husband’s Psoriasis extends to his scalp, unfortunately. He has tried everything! He started using this Pine Tar set, and has noticed improvement! The deep cleansing and moisturizing power of 100% Plant-Based Pine Tar works with the natural properties of Tea Tree Oil to combat dry, itchy scalp. This invigorating formula, with its rich white lather, gently relieves and refreshes scalp and hair health.
Safe for color-treated hair. Gentle enough for daily use.

Grandpa Soap Co. Charcoal Body Wash & Soap, Prices vary

My oldest son works in a factory and comes home filthy. Since he has started there, we’ve noticed that some of his pores will become clogged with the black stuff that’s on his arms. The “popular” stuff just wasn’t cutting it, no matter how hard he scrubbed. When we got this cleanser, he started using it, and hasn’t had any issues with clogged pores since!

A new body cleanser tradition begins with the hard working heritage and on-trend ingredients of our Charcoal Cleansing Shower Cream, with steam-activated charcoal and organic hemp oil. An innovative shower cream that clarifies and restores congested pores.

DeadSoxy, $10-27

These socks are super soft! Seriously, it’s like wearing marshmallows on your feet! They are comfy and they stay put. DeadSoxy puts these little silicon bead things on the insides of the socks, so that they stay in place. There is nothing worse than your shoe “eating” your socks as you are trying to go about your day.

Smart design, premium fabrics, superior socks. That’s it. Gone are the days of traditional socks. Whether it’s a dress sock or a no-show sock, It’s time to get the base layer right. The difference is in the details, and it’s all about the feeling you get when wearing DeadSoxy.

Tall Order Socks, $15

Have you ever tried buying socks for big feet at the store? Spoiler alert! They don’t have them. It’s ridiculously hard to find them, and then when you do, they are usually just plain white. BORING! Tall Order has socks that fit sizes 9-20! Size 20? Holy Canoli! They have lots of designs to choose from, too!

One 13 Relief, $39.99

One 13 Relief is great for those aches and pains. It’s topical, so no supplements to swallow, you just rub it in where you need it! It has a pleasant scent, and doesn’t smell like those medicated creams.

Whether used alone, or in combination with other relief techniques, our ONE13 relief solution will fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Made from 100% organic hemp oil with Cannabidiol (CBD), ONE13 has been specially formulated to absorb quickly and provide long-lasting relief. While CBD products can be prepared in many fashions,ONE13 has been scientifically formulated and prepared for topical application, allowing you to seamlessly work this product into your vitality routine while avoiding the stigma of pills. No pills. No gimmicks. No expensive treatments.

Best Dad Ever Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $14.99

This is a great gift, especially with the hot months on the way! Dad can keep cool and hydrated with this water bottle!
The Best Dad Ever Water Bottle is made of stainless steel material and is a premium double walled vacuum-sealed bottle created for all day hot or cold insulation. The “Best Dad Ever” emblem is shown on the bottom of the water bottle on a black matte surface.

  • Capacity: 17 fl oz
  • Size: 10.5″ (L) x 2.8125″ (W)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Double Walled Vacuum Sealed Bottle For All Day Hot or Cold Insulation
  • Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Material
  • Silicone Ring Reinforcing Leak Proof Twist On Insulated Lid
  • Stay-cool Bottle For Hot Beverages
  • Non-sweating Bottle For Iced Beverages
  • Gift Box Packaging

Carpe Diem Leather Journal, $29.99

This is a fantastic gift for dad! He can keep important thoughts and notes in this beautiful leather journal. It has 400 pages for him to fill up!

Before you even lift the cover or flip through the pages, the Carpe Diem Leather Journal feels like a dream in your hands. The beautiful leather cover is soft and flexible, and its rich mahogany hue with silver foil script lettering adds a touch of luxury. Open the journal and 400 lined cream-colored pages invite you to write, scribble, draw, doodle, make lists, or take notes—whatever inspires you to “seize the day”! This beauty makes a great gift for almost any occasion, for anyone on your list.

Highest quality full grain leather with perfect stitching means this journal will stand the test of time, and the saddle-stitched pages open flat, making it easy to write or sketch without ruining the spine of the book. A black satin ribbon marker helps you keep your spot, and the handy drawstring cloth bag protects the Carpe Diem Leather Journal from scratches and spills.

  • Size: 8.5 L x 5.8 W x .9 D
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Silver Foil Text
  • Ribbon Marker
  • 400 Pages

Hunter Brothers Coffee, $8.99 & up

This coffee is absolutely delicious! It smelled heavenly right out of the bag and even better when brewed! Hunter Brothers Coffee was established as a joint venture between two brothers from the northern area of Pittsburgh who wanted to start a Veteran-Owned business. Paul A. Hunter, a Veteran, and his brother, Timothy S. Hunter began to look for opportunities that might work for them and their families. Many different business ideas were discussed, but when idea of opening a coffee company was proposed, they were both sold! Beans it would be … for as they say, who doesn’t love a great cup of Joe!

Skintech AM & PM Treatment, $139.99

This is a really great set for any gentleman! Women are always using specially formulated creams to help with aging, and keeping skin looking nice, but what about men? I love that Skintech has a men’s line, because men care about their skin, too! This is something that my son, who is 18, and my husband, who is 46 can both use. It’s not age specific, so it works for all ages.

Developed by a pharmacist, this all-in-one skin + incredible beard balm is ALL YOU NEED for ultimate healthy skin and a soft, well groomed beard. Complete skincare + beard kit in two simple formulas.

The Spice Lab Seasoning Collection, $29.95

This is a fun seasoning set. We have been trying new recipes to expand our meal planning, and these are perfect for that! There is a good selection of seasoning here, and I will say that the French Onion + Garlic is my favorite! Think potatoes sprinkled with this stuff and roasted..yum!!!!

Mediterranean Gift Set – INCLUDES: 4 Shaker Jars – one of each of the following Mediterranean Citrus Herb, French Onion and Garlic, Spicy Italian Sun-Dried Tomato & Sicilian Blend.

Himalayan Salt Shaver Set, $19.95

We use Himalayan Pink Salt in our house. It has a ton of benefits, and it tastes so much better than regular table salt. This shaver is amazing! I’ve used a grinder before, but the flavor from freshly shaven salt is even better. You really can’t go wrong with this set as a gift!

Naturally infused with 84 minerals and trace elements. Large Himalayan Pink Salt stones are distinctively packaged with a stainless steel shaver, ideal for gourmet cooks to add just the perfect touch of salt with foodie flair. Forget the traditional grinder or shaker and hand grate these salt stones for a dramatic table-side presentation.

Himalayan Pink Salt is hand-mined deep inside the Himalayan Mountains from salt beds formed over 200 million years ago. Our 100% natural Himalayan Pink is the highest quality, gourmet food grade salt with its rich pink color coming from the 84 natural minerals embedded in the rock salt. The darker the color, the more mineral content contained in the salt crystal. This is a pure product, with no additives or preservatives and is considered a healthier alternative to chemically refined and bleached white table salt.

Capture The Flag, $59.90

Capture The Flag is a super fun game that is played at night. This can be a ton of fun, and is great quality time spent together. This is a great way to get away from screen time, and spend time in the great outdoors! This can even be played with a group of friends, and it lets up to 20 people play at a time.

“Capture the Flag” started 70+ years ago as an outdoor game where teams sneak into their opponents’ territory and try to steal their flag. Now it’s been adapted for today’s generation – using glow-in-the-dark lights! The kit’s 25 reusable light-up game pieces allow for up to 10 traditional Capture the Flag players. It also includes 12 alternate ways to play, allowing for 4-20 players.

Skin Nation Clean Face Wash, $19.95

This face wash from Skin Nation has been great for my son. He works in a factory and get super filthy. The face wash is able to gently, but thoroughly clean his face and keep his pores from clogging with the nasty stuff.

  • As seen on FOX ABC NBC & CBS Two-time Emmy Winner Michelle Stafford brings you Skin Nation a unique custom skin care line! Discover “Clean Face Wash” for men. Specially formulated for men with activated charcoal for a gentle but deep clean without stripping or drying your skin! With a special blend of anti aging Tea Tree Oil, orange, lemon and cranberry extracts, including Provitamin B5 for clean, healthy and hydrated skin!
  • WHAT ACTIVATED CHARCOAL CAN DO FOR YOUR SKIN! This non-toxic natural ingredient detoxifies and gently, but thoroughly, cleans and absorbs dirt, excess oil and impurities. This mens facial cleanser is especially beneficial for acne prone skin! Soaps are often made with harsh sulfates that are drying and irritating to the skin.
  • PRO-VITAMIN B5 – THE HYDRATOR! It not only increase the skin’s hydration but improve skin’s elasticity, helps regenerating skin tissue and heal the skin! Ideal for dry or rough, or flaky skin – as a humectant it reduces the amount of water lost through the skin. Effective in alleviating itchiness redness and inflammation from acne, minor cuts and eczema.

Skin Nation Revive After Shave Splash, $19.95

This is a great after shave splash to use in conjunction with the Skin Nation cleanser. It has a nice cooling effect, and the scent isn’t overpowering. The fact that it helps prevent ingrown hairs from shaving is an added benefit!

  • GOODBYE RAZOR BURN! Sooth and reduce irritation, redness and inflammation the sensitive skin on the face faster! Sooth and heal that redness and irritation with Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Lavender Water and other plant based anti-aging moisturizing skin healers! Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • HELPS PREVENT INGROWN HAIRS! By helping tighten the open pores after shaving and straining hair follicles. The hair below the skin surface causes the skin bumping.
  • ALOE VERA AND TEA TREE OIL! Aloe Vera is our first ingredient! – NOT WATER. And thanks to Aloe’s enzymes it is has been used for centuries to heal and sooth the skin, and extremely hydrating! TEA TREE OIL is a natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial to calm redness and inflammation it is a popular choice for treating acne and leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth!

Awesome Dad Key Chain, $24

This is a great Father’s Day gift. It’s stylish, yet fun at the same time. It’s the perfect gift to give the dad who isn’t into flashy stuff. It’s understated, and functional. It’s definitely a good quality product, and is very well made!

Show dad how much you care with our inspirational key chains. Made of fine pewter with a antiqued finish. This sentimental piece is perfect for gifting. Key Chain measures 1 3/4 inches long by 1 3/4 inches wide.

Cardon For Men, $20

This is really nice! My son and husband both have super dry faces, and tend to get red spots, or dry flaky skin. They both use a daily moisturizer, but it leaves them feeling oily. The Cardon is nice because it’s water based, so no oily feeling. I like that it has SPF 30 in it to protect their faces in the sun.

This powerful SPF + Moisturizer duo provides sun protection and intense hydration for daily morning and night use. Our daily SPF provides broad spectrum SPF 30 protection. It also contains cactus extract to keep your face feeling cool and hydrated. Plus, it’s manufactured using advanced Korean skincare technology so you don’t have to worry about any sticky, greasy, or chalky residue.

Rogers & Hollands Foxtail Bracelet, $19

This is a great bracelet to get for the dad in your life. It’s budget friendly, and made of stainless steel, so it will last. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to show dad you care.

Sure to turn heads, this men’s bracelet features stainless steel & gold IP links twisted in a unique foxtail design

Keto Farms Keto Coffee, $21.95

Keto Farms offers an instant coffee for those following a Ketogenic diet. Now, having said that, those that are not following the diet are able to drink this as well. For instance, I am not following a full Keto diet, but rather I am being more aware about the amount of carbs I take in. The Keto Coffee is pretty tasty, and I love that it is easy to mix up. Seriously, there is nothing worse than having to make coffee first thing in the morning!

Keto Coffee is an instant fat-fueled latte crafted with single-origin coffee, Irish grass-fed butter, pure coconut oil and MCT oils, rBST-free cream, a hint of vanilla and sea salt for electrolytes.

Keto Coffee provides a healthy and convenient keto breakfast, eliminates coffee crashes and gives you hours of clean, lasting energy. Keto Coffee is instant and all-in-one: just add hot water and blend for a nourishing latte that will help you stay energized longer.

Mindful Wellness Kit From N. 4, $25

This is a great kit to have. It is the perfect size to try out the set without purchasing the full size bottles. It’s also the perfect size for travel!

Give hair a youthful reboost with an intensified infusion of botanicals and anti-aging, color protecting, strengthening and purifying ingredients within our Liquid Complex Culture. Ideal for the vitamin loving, the green conscious, and eternal youth obsessed. PETA approved.

Dad’s Got Style Gift Set From N. 4, $25

This is the perfect set for Father’s Day! They are great for travel, and the box can be reused!

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show Dad how much you care. Make sure Dad looks dapper with this Dad’s Got Style Gift Set. This grab-and-go kit features the following travel-sized products perfect for Dad’s gym bag or work trips away.

Clarifying Shampoo 1.5oz, Texture Styling
Crème 1.5oz,Texture Paste 0.2oz
Fluoro5 Elixer 0.5oz in Zip Bag with Travel Comb

Stylaga Raven Bluetooth Earbuds, $29.99

These are gorgeous! They are gender neutral, so dad can use them, too. They fit comfortably in my ears, and I have Tragus piercings that normally make earbuds uncomfortable at times. I love that the case is also a charging case, so I can put them away and charge them at the same time!

The Raven Collection Swarovski® Crystal Bluetooth Earbuds blend high technology with high fashion. Embedded in a black setting, the true wireless Swarovski® crystal earbuds are perfect for every style.



Stylaga Becca Bluetooth Headset, $37.50

This is a great headset for hands-free talking! It’s easy to use, and comes with a cute case to keep it in. The sound clarity is great!

First of its kind, Becca Swarovski® Crystal Earrings Bluetooth Headset from STYLAGA is the perfect fashion accessory!  Elegant and beautiful, yet functional and fun!

Great as a gift for somebody who wants to stay both stylish and connected throughout the day!

Our signature metal and Genuine Swarovski® Crystal combination creates a unique contrast and sophisticated flair.

Available colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Black, Purple



Volt Instant Beard Color, $28.00

This is a great coloring solution! I never really thought about coloring beards, but it makes sense! Why not give dad the gift of looking younger for Father’s Day?

Unlike other coloring solutions, Instant Beard Color is easy to apply, dries instantly and provides up to 48 hours of natural-looking, waterproof color + hold. No more dyes, no more wait. Simply shake tube, brush on and go.

  • Dye-free hypoallergenic formula
  • Applies in seconds + dries instantly
  • Waterproof + sweatproof up to 48 hours (results may vary based on skin, hair type and proper application)
  • 35 applications per tube
  • Enriched with Argan Oil and Vitamin E
  • Made and shipped from Southern California / USA

Dewar’s Double Double Series, $prices vary

This whiskey is very decadent. It has a wonderful, aged smoothness to it. Each of the bottles has a different smell and a different taste to it, depending on how long it was aged. This would be a wonderful gift for Father’s Day!

Dewar’s 12 Year Flavor Notes: Honey, homemade candy apples, and fudge. Warm, buttery, and mellow. Juicy raisins and fresh citrus, with subtle vanilla. Clean, full, and lively. Melted caramel with a trace of oak. Rounded, smooth, and long.

Auricamp Survival Kit, $28.95

We were positively blown away by the amount of stuff in this kit. It’s a small kit, and doesn’t take up much room at all, so we didn’t think there could possibly be that much to it. Boy, were we wrong! We are still finding new things that we didn’t realize was in it! This is the perfect gift for dad. He can keep it in his vehicle for traveling, or take it on hikes, or camping! There is everything you could possibly need in there!

Be Prepared and stay safe during any outdoor adventure or emergency situation with the AURICAMP Emergency Survival Kit & First Aid Kit.

Emergencies can be unpredictable but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared! This Survival Kit is a must have and can be a deciding factor in surviving an emergency.

The AURICAMP Emergency Survival Kit & First Aid Kit contains all of the essentials you’ll need to get through an emergency situation or natural disaster. Each Survival Kit comes packaged in a durable, waterproof MOLLE material pouch with double zippers that was especially designed to keep your valuable contents secure and dry.

Inside the pouch you’ll find a stocked Emergency First Aid Kit and an array of Tactical Gear that can be used for Outdoor Wilderness Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Road Trips, Boating, Travel, & Backpacking.

The Emergency First Aid Kit comes equipped with bandages, a gauze roll, a gauze swab, tweezers, alcohol pads, safety scissors, as well as a sling for your arm. Should you sustain an injury or trauma, you’ll be set until you can reach medical professionals.

The Tactical Gear Kit includes a pocket knife, flashlight, emergency thermal blanket, fire starter, whistle, wire saw, compass and multi-tool card. Whether you get lost, injured, lose your friends, or need to get warm, the supplies included in this Survival Kit will ensure you get back to where you need to be.

Massage Therapy Concepts TENS Unit, $64.95

I am in love with this TENS unit! It has so many functions to choose from, so you can definitely get the right one for your needs. It has a belt clip so I can wear it while I am continuing to do things. It’s easy to use, and charge, and it comes with a generous amount of pads!

This device has both TENS and EMS functions. The EMS functionality is great for Athletes because it improves muscle performance, strength and helps muscles recover and heal quicker. TENS helps to relieve muscle pain and soreness. Perfect as an Occupational and Physical Therapy aide.

This unit has 2 channels with 4 electrode pads. Each channel’s intensity can be controlled separately. It has 12 programs. With a 60 minute adjustable timers the unit allows you customize the length of your treatment session for the best results. The automatic shutoff function will prolong your battery life. The unit is small and very versatile.




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