Litter boxes. Anyone with cats knows the drill. You get cat litter, your cats use the litter box, and then the whole house stinks. Not to mention when you scoop, the dust is everywhere, aggravating your allergies. That isn’t the case with Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Litter.

About Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Litter…

Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter is made of all-natural clay that forms hard clumps for easy scooping. The granules create a powerful bond to lock in moisture and prevent any liquid from getting to the bottom of the litter box. This litter is especially formulated to neutralize odors quickly and is low-tracking, so there’s less mess and no scattered litter trails. It’s hypo-allergenic to common allergens such as dust, plant proteins and fragrances. Frisco Multi-Cat is a heavy-duty litter that’s ideal for sifting and mechanical boxes and is highly effective in multiple cat households.
cat litter

What it offers…

  • A proprietary de-dusting system is used to reduce dust, but since this is a natural product, some dust may still be present.
  • Specifically formulated to neutralize odors immediately, including ammonia odors, and is low-tracking to minimize messes in multiple-cat households
  • Hypo-allergenic: contains no plant protein, dyes, perfumes or added fragrances
  • All-natural clay forms hard clumps for easy scooping and removal, ideal for sifting and mechanical boxes as well as multi-cat households
  • Excellent odor control with a unique deodorizing system

Why we love it…

We are fur parents to 5 cats. This means we have 4 litter boxes, which means a ton of cat litter! We are always on the lookout for a good litter that has minimal dust, and gets the job done. Frisco has proven worthy of our babies! My husband is super picky about the cat litter he uses. He has only used 1 brand for years…until now. So, let’s look at a few reasons we love it:

  • Cost effective: it comes in a 40 lb bag, for around $12, OR if you subscribe and get it delivered on a schedule you can get it for around $11.50 or so.  The litter we were getting was costing us around $11-12 for only 26 lbs. Frisco is definitely the better value!
  • Minimal dust: I’m allergic to cats and cat litter. Ironically, I love cats..haha! So, we need a litter that isn’t going to throw a ton of dust in the air. Frisco isn’t 100% dust free, as it’s a natural product, but it comes close. We have very little dust flying around after scooping and/or changing litter completely.
  • My babies LOVE it! The kitties took to the litter right away. Their seal of approval is the best approval we could get.
  • It gets delivered right to our door, meaning we don’t have to do unnecessary shopping, saving gas money!

My kitties are just like my kids: extremely important and first priority! Look at these faces and you will see why I want the best for them 🙂

cat litter
Midnight, 13 years old

cat litter
Stella, 7 years old

cat litter
Josie, 2 years old

cat litter
Snowflake, 2 years old

cat litter
Cali, 1 year old

These are my babies, and I want only the best! Frisco is the best!

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"Time spent with cats is never wasted." ~ Sigmund Freud