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In here you will find different gifts for that special guy in your life ūüôā

CanvasPop, $30 & up
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CanvasPop¬†offers the ultimate personalized gift¬†for Dad in your life. We are one of North America’s leading photo gift printing companies and we print high quality¬†canvases¬†and framed prints that you can personalize with meaningful photos.¬†Whether your dad likes fishing, fast cars or¬†just spending time with the family a personalized photo¬†canvas¬†is perfect¬†for because it’s a one of a kind meaningful gift that you can custom with anything Dad loves.¬†Starting at only $30 makes them affordable for everyone.¬†Our unique angle is the most meaningful gift for the Dad in your life!¬†¬†

GoFish Cam, $215.99
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GoFish Cam is a wireless underwater camera that sits on your fishing line and works with a mobile app. Anglers can capture action-packed footage, gain insight into the underwater fishing experience, and review and edit awesome video content that can be shared on social media.
The camera attaches in-line between your test line and leader line.


Use your GoFish Cam in both freshwater and saltwater environments, and capture underwater video when casting, trolling, bottom fishing, ice fishing, kayak fishing, and float fishing.

Space Is Cool As Fuck by Kate Howells, $36
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Taking all the best bits of science and fusing it all together, Space Is Cool as Fuck will be finding a permanent home on living room tables around the world. Everything you thought you could never understand about the universe is explained in plain-old filthy English, giving you a little taste of the glorious reality you inhabit.

Over 50 chapters address¬†subjects including¬†the Big Bang, aliens,¬†black holes, time travel, the degenerate astronomer who drank all night and died from holding his bladder . . . and also lost his nose in a duel, and the things you take for granted until you really think about them; like matter‚ÄĒwhat the fuck is all this shit that we are?

This book features more than 100 wild artworks, photographs and illustrations from 40 international young artists curated by Brooklyn designer Cynthia Larenas. Space is Cool as Fuck also features an in-depth and illuminating interview with everyone’s favorite TV scientist Bill Nye the Science Guy, Head of the Planetary Society, who believes that, no, we are not fucked and this planet and our people have a future.

EcoComfort Men’s Bamboo Robe, $62.99-66.99
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Texere luxury terry robe for men will surround you in its comforting embrace. The highly absorbent bamboo viscose fiber swiftly wicks away any moisture from your body, leaving you comfortable and relaxed. The luxury and soft comfort of this terry robe is irresistible – the only robe you will want after every shower. This may be the highest quality Bamboo terry robe you will ever own. Makes a great gift for any occasion.

Highland Titles, $47.99 & up
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This unique gift not only grants the legal use of the Scottish¬†title¬†Laird, Lord or Lady, it will also give back to mother earth. With eco-conservation initiatives increasing across the globe,¬†Highland¬†Titles¬†developed a creative approach to land conservation by selling small plots to help fund the rescuing of woodlands, tree planting, maintenance and acquisition of land at risk of development ‚Äď ensuring it cannot be purchased or developed.

Plot sizes range from one square foot to 1,000 square feet and are available for purchase starting at $47.99.

When buying a one square foot plot, the consumer will receive:

  • The¬†title¬†of Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe Wood
  • A legal¬†title¬†deed for your land ownership, on velum parchment.
  • Master¬†Title¬†Deed to change your¬†title¬†on bank accounts, driving license and other ID
  • A map of Glencoe Wood, directions and instructions on how to visit/find your personal plot.
  • Information and pictures of the area, Glencoe Wood and our conservation project.
  • A bumper sticker for you to proudly display your new status (Laird, Lord or Lady)


Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Buddha by Muckychris, $9.99
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Muckychris offers fun and unique Pop Culture gifts that are great for the whole family. They offer 3D printed statues, T-Shirts, Fun LightSwitch covers and more.  Their products start at $3.99 and go up from there so they can fit in to any budget.  The products are fun, quirky and certainly different.  They also make great stocking stuffers or White Elephant gifts.

Zac Von Sleep Hair Loss Prevention For Him Duo, $29 & up
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Get the best of both worlds with this winning duo pack designed for gentlemen only! Cleanse and rebalance your hair in no time with our effortless routine. First, Use our shampoo which provides a cleansing foam that gently clears out the buildup of any impurities from your hair. Secondly, Zac von Sleek’s conditioner rebalances your hair with an intense blast of conditioning agents leaving your hair luminous and full of life. The (HIS)duo pack is blended with ingredients rich in various omegas, vitamins, and minerals such as biotin, niacin, MSM and powerful DHT blockers that help strengthen your hair from root to tip. Time to become the gentleman everyone in the room is waiting for.

Key benefits:
Cleanse and promotes a healthy scalp
Protect hair and improves texture
Blended with scents that promotes a positive mood

Desktop Punching Bag from Cubelife, $19.99
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Let’s face it, modern life is tough. The demands on our time and attention are greater than ever. There’s not always time in the day to get away from it all, but with our desktop punching bag and it’s unique customizable picture target, a few moments and a few good swings is all you’ll need to get your blood pumping, your energy levels up and experience a much needed stress release! This high quality speed bag is rugged and durable, and will hold up to regular and repeated daily beatings. The solid, rigid metal spring is the exact same high quality that you’ll find on professional speed bags and standing boxing balls.

The unique picture holder allows you to print and insert your own personal ‚Äėlove-to-hate‚Äô target to help laser-focus your energy and fuel your rage release.¬†You can slip in a photo of your boss, perfect for a pounding after all of those annoying phone calls and interruptions. Or how about a picture of the most loathed and arrogant athlete from your rival sports team? One look at his ugly mug and you‚Äôll want to smack him real good! Drop in a photo of your most despised politician, always a great target for a serious smackdown. There are endless ways to entertain yourself and your friends with this clever and hilarious stress relieving device.

This desk and tabletop speed ball with photo holder target makes a hilarious office gag gift, sure to be the perfect present for that white elephant or secret Santa party.

Kids love it too! Just like adults, children get moody. And teenagers? Forget about it! Tired of replacing that closet door that’s taken one too many beatings? The desktop punching bag is the perfect cure! Place this bag in your kids room and remind them to take their frustrations out on the bag instead of the wall. Allow the engaging action of the ball to rechannel their energy. Before they know it the calm rhythm of the bag soothes them into a relaxed and focused state of mind.

Atom Compression Socks, $38
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Compression socks and calf sleeves are designed to provide immediate and long lasting relief while helping your body to naturally heal by boosting circulation and muscle support.

  • Medical grade graduated compression (18-22 mm Hg)
  • Cooling, breathable and moisture wicking fabric
  • Never wrinkle or slip design with comfort-stay-put-top
  • Durable, soft and easy to put on
  • pH balanced to your skin and naturally anti-microbial

Backez, $22
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Back Saving add on handle fits on any stick tool  takes the strain out of a variety of tasks, from shoveling snow, raking leaves, turning over a bed,  sawing a branch. Perfect for spades, rakes-hoes-pitchforks    Enables the user to take a firm grip without having to make excessive stretching movements.

BackEZ  add on handle promotes a more relaxed posture and provides greater leverage, so it helps to prevent aching backs, pain in the shoulders, arms and wrists, and other problems such as blisters. It is wide enough for work gloves or snow gloves and can be removed.

Framed Tweets, $39 & up
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Having a framed tweet will completely change your life.¬†Everyone¬†will love you. Money will magically appear in your lap. You’ll never wait in traffic again, and you can sleep in every day. Guaranteed, or your money back.

Go on, roam the halls of the world’s great museums and art galleries. You won’t see anything like a Framed Tweet. It‚Äôs pop culture meets social media meets postmodern absurdism meets timeless beauty, and it’s more Instagram-worthy than the world‚Äôs most colorful cupcake.

Hang a tweet on your wall and savor it like a fine wine. Hang one in your bathroom for some nice reading material. Put one in your office for a daily dose of inspiration. Or keep that special tweet in your bedroom and kiss it goodnight. It’s amazing.

A picture may say 1000 words, but a tweet says 280 characters. And these days, who has time for more?

Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses, $29.99
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  • ENHANCES TASTING EXPERIENCE: Inspired by diamonds, this uniquely shaped tilted glass allows your drink to aerate as it is poured and swirled inside the glass. These glasses are the epitome of elegance, feel like you’re sitting at table in a study, next to a globe, books, and an array of fancy bottles wherever you are! Perfect for wine and a variety of spirits, cocktails, shots, and liquors – whiskey, bourbon, scotch, brandy, rum, vodka, gin, cognac, liqueurs, and more.
  • GRAVITY-DEFYING DESIGN: Beautifully positioned at an anti-rocking, spill-proof, 50 degree tilting angle for a unique drinking experience. Experience them with our Diamond Cut Whiskey Stones for an on-the rocks experience without watering your alcohol down.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Our Diamond Faceted Whiskey Glass Set makes a wonderful choice for the whiskey lover in your life and comes packaged in a luxury gift box. Pair them with a decanter or a nice bottle of Japanese whiskey, an Irish brand like Jameson, Macallan Single Malt Scotch, whatever you choose will pair perfectly with our glasses and make an excellent addition to even the most well-stocked bar! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or wedding present, they’re sure to love it!

Dragon Glassware The Edinburgh Whiskey Glass, 10.5-Ounce Large Snifter, $14.99
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  • THE ULTIMATE WHISKEY GLASS: Inspired by the legendary history of whisky and named after the capital of Scotland, The Edinburgh Glass has been carefully designed for the maximum enjoyment of the color, taste and smell of whisky. Combining the classic shape of a nosing snifter with the larger stature of traditional old fashioned tumblers, The Edinburgh Glass can hold up to 10 and a half ounces and is dishwasher safe.
  • ELEVATES AND ENHANCES WHISKEY: The large bowl allows maximum surface aeration of your whisky, which helps to develop the best tasting notes and flavors. The long neck provides an ideal distance between your nose and the bowl, allowing time for ethanol vapors to evaporate. The extended base allows a secure area to hold the glass without smudging the bowl with fingerprints. It‚Äôs also big enough to accommodate ice balls up to 2 inches!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR WHISKEY LOVERS: Every glass is handmade using our proprietary DragonGlass technology, making them extra strong, light weight and crystal clear so you can admire your favorite dram. Every glass comes beautifully packaged and makes an ideal gift for whiskey connoisseurs and every day hobbyists. The Edinburgh Glass is also versatile enough to be enjoyed with other spirits, wine and more.

Kapro Measure Mate, $12.00
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Kapro measure mate is the ideal tool for home improvement jobs like leveling pictures and mirrors, setting cabinets and shelves, and cutting and aligning wallpaper. Kapro’s measure mate is a sturdy triangular level and straight edge ruler, with sliding markers and knife guide. It features both zero and center point scales. A detachable nail gripper and drill bit diameter gauge make it easier and quicker to do the job right. Electric and plumbing scale for power sockets and faucets. Nail gripper for safe and easy nailing. Measures 24-inches length.

Kapro Set & Match, $16.99
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Kapro patented Set and Match with laser line and stud finder is the easiest way to hang shelves. This patented Kapro invention makes hanging shelves easy and exact – with just one tool. Whether you’re hanging shelves or cabinets, lining up pictures at home or for an exhibition, or aligning your decorative layouts and patterns: this all-in-one tool will simplify the process. 0-20-feet laser range. Finding concealed metal studs. Measures 36-inches length.

Kapro Prolaser Nail Gripper, $25
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The Pro Laser Nail Gripper is used for hanging shelves, pictures, mirrors and aligning panels, tiles, and wall coverings. Highly visible line laser includes 2 easy to read vials – vertical and horizontal. Includes patented rubber grip that holds any size of nail/screw and includes a magnetic wristband for holdings nails and screws. Pressure activated on/off. Details include: Laser II class with a range up to 20′ (6m). 2 AAA batteries are not included.

Knipex Jewelry Pliers, $33
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A tool designed with your hand in mind. Even more power for easier working! KNIPEX quality-engineered and manufactured in Germany. For fine wire and jewelry work, KNIPEX‚Äôs Round Nose Jeweler‚Äôs Pliers is just the tool to get the job done. Featuring precision-matched round jaws with fine, pointed tips and induction hardened cutting edges, these pliers can be used for both cutting work and bending wire loops. KNIPEX specializes in the development and production of high-quality pliers and is Europe’s leading manufacturer of these products. It all started back in 1882 when C. Gustav Putsch set up his own forge shop in Cronenberg (now a suburb of Wuppertal). We are an independent fourth-generation family company. KNIPEX concentrates our knowledge and expertise on pliers. This is the only way to justify our claim that we are the best supplier in terms of quality, innovation and efficiency. Our success is assured by 800 qualified employees and we attach the greatest importance to their basic and advanced training.

Knipex Combination Shears, $27
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  • For cutting cardboard, plastics, aluminum, brass and copper foils; Not suitable for steel wire or iron sheets
  • Angled shape for easy execution of long cuttings, ergonomically shaped plastic handles
  • Precision ground, hardened blades from surgical stainless steel
  • With opening spring and locking lever
  • With pinch guard and adjustable screw joint

Knipex Side Cutting Pliers, $21
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The Chain Nose Side Cutting Pliers is suitable for gripping and cutting work in precision applications. The pointed, half round jaws have serrated gripping surfaces. The cutting edges are induction hardened approximately 61 HRS and will cut medium hard and hard wire. Cutting capacities are 2.5 mm for medium hard wire and 1.6 mm for hard wire.

Knipex Mini Pliers Wrench, $40
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Replaces the need for sets of metric and Imperial Spanners. Smooth jaws for damage free installation of plated fittings – working directly on chrome. The mini pliers wrench for precision mechanics particularly suitable for working on small bolted connections.

Mister Burlap Pocket Squares, $14.95
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You can customize your suits and sport coats in many stylish and creative ways that you can‚Äôt do with ‚Äėold man‚Äô silk squares. You‚Äôre only limited by your imagination. Mister Burlap (TM)
It’s Hip to be Squared!

Rudra Pajama Pants, $54

The Rudra print is the perfect meaningful gift for a world-changing guy.  Every purchase supports our job-creation mission and empowers women to live in freedom.

Fabric and Care
– 100% cotton
– Machine wash on gentle cycle with cool water, line dry

Product Details
– Side pockets
– Elasticized waistband with a fabric drawstring trimmed with wooden beads
– Natural waist
– Model is wearing size medium

P.I. Auto Store Air Compressor Pump, $36.77
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NEW best in class pump, with powerful 35 l/min air-flow. Capable of inflating a mid-sized car tire from flat to 30 Psi in under 3 minutes (time varies upon tire size). The pump is also the quietest in its category and has improved reliability. Plug into your 12 Volt cigarette lighter socket or other 12 V outlet. Easily set pressure on the NEW fantastic backlit LCD display gauge, connect to tire valve with the NEW quick connector. Microprocessor monitors tire pressure and will automatically stop at your set pressure +/- 1Psi at 30 Psi. This removes the need to keep checking the pressure and avoids over inflation. Compact design and storage case make it ideal for storage in your trunk. You never know when you will need it in an emergency. Longer hose and cables are integrated into housing. Fused to protect vehicle. Best for Car, Bicycle, Motorbike, RV, SUV, ATV (Not for Trucks). Also, Sports Equipment and inflatables (adaptors included). Super bright 8x LEDs have 3 settings Рstandard flashlight, flashing red, and emergency SOS.

Business Biographies: Shaken, Not Stirred … with a Twist, $7.99 & up

Learn life lessons from the experts. Twenty-five business leaders who made their marks but did so with a bit of a twist.¬†In this series of profiles, author Stephen K. Troy takes a detailed look at people who walked down nontraditional paths to achieve success. Many of these leaders are no longer celebrated or remembered, but their achievements changed the course of business and continue to influence society.¬†You’ll learn about the unassuming billionaire who gave away his entire fortune during his lifetime to better the world. Not everyone was so generous; one scoundrel stole billions. Some are more obscure than others, and this text brings their accomplishments to light. Leaders profiled include Aaron Burr, Henry Ford, John Ringling, Robert Morris, Frank Woolworth, Forrest Mars Sr., Daniel Ludwig, Iva Kreuger and many more. Whether you are a student, a business leader, or someone considering a career in business, you’ll be entertained, informed, and educated as you read¬†Business Biographies: Shaken, Not Stirred¬†With a Twist.

Barbarian Santa Beard Head, $34.99

The Barbarian Santa Beard Head has a detachable/adjustable beard that is connected with two Velcro strips. If the mustache isn’t positioned correctly on top of your upper lip, you can easily pop it out and re-position it to fit correctly. Celebrate the holidays all winter long with our Barbarian Santa Beard Head, and you’ll be able to spread joy even in the harshest weather!

Stubble Populous Beard Head, $17.99

Our Stubble beard face masks are attached with Velcro, allowing you to quickly and easily remove or adjust the beard in seconds! While the Stubble Populous may be the most basic Beard Head model out there, that doesn’t make it any less awesome! It still has all the key Beard Head features: it keeps you warm, it protects your face, and it’s a freakin’ knit beard! All this for a low low price!

Kattouf Kookie Bars, $54.90 for a box of 15 bars

At TeamKattouf‚ĄĘ Nutrition, our philosophy is simple-Workout Smart, Eat Right, Get Results‚ĄĘ! This K II Kookie Bar is well-balanced with just the right amount of carbohydrate, protein and fat. Enjoy your K II Kookie Bar before your workout, after your workout and/or is a great snack during the day. The Chocolate Chip Crisp K II Kookie Bar has become The Go-To Energy Bar‚ĄĘ! This Kookie Bar is made with amazing ingredients such as Almond Butter, Oats, Flax Seed Meal, Sea Salt and it tastes great! Whether you are looking for a great snack in between meals, a pre-workout fuel source and/or a post-workout fuel source, the K II Kookie Bar will definitely become your Go-To Energy Bar‚ĄĘ! Crave The Crisp‚ĄĘ!

Grill Master Gift Set, $24.99

5 Flavors of Grilling Planks:¬†We have included 5 delicious flavors of grilling planks in this set. Each wood type is all natural (no chemicals or additives!), and has a unique, natural flavor. Included in this set are 1 of each of the following: Cedar, Cherry, Hickory, Maple and Alder.¬†Check out our¬†grilling planks flavor pairings guide.¬†Smoking Chips:¬†For a nice variety of smoking chips, we have included a fruit wood (Cherry) and a strong, bold flavor (Hickory).¬†Recipes:¬†We have also included 4 of our favorite recipes, as well as tips and tricks for the products. Smoke is nature‚Äôs original seasoning ‚Äď especially here in the Pacific Northwest. Add a delicious smoky flavor to your food with these made-in-the-USA smoking chips. These chips are all natural. No chemicals. No additives. Just pure wood. This Grill Master Collection Gift Set has a 5√ó8‚Ä≥ 5-flavor Grilling Planks Sampler, 50 cu. in. Cherry Smoking Chips and 50 cu. in. Hickory Smoking Chips.

Murbles Tournament Set, $49.95 and up

Murbles¬†is an outdoor family friendly game based loosely on the European game called Bocce.¬†Murbles¬†are American made with hi-density poly plastic. All ball diameters are 3 inches and they weigh about 1/2 pound each, so they are just wright for smaller hands and older shoulders.¬†Murbles¬†requires no special skills, court or abilities so it‚Äôs great for players of all ages.¬†¬†Murbles¬†is perfect for tailgating, picnics, family reunions or family game day.¬† There is No set up or dedicated court required. Simply dump the¬†Murbles¬†out of the convenient canvas carrying bag and it‚Äôs ‚ÄúGame On.‚Ä̬†Game rules are printed on the back of each bag.¬†¬†Available in custom color sets for 2 to 16 players.

ActivMotion Bars, $99 and up

After just three years on the market, our¬†ActivMotion¬†Bar fitness products are now being used in¬†fitness clubs and resorts across the globe. They are the perfect holiday gift for the¬†person looking to get in shape!¬†ActivMotion¬†Bars are hollow weighted exercise bars that are partially filled with ball bearings that shift dynamically within. This “shifting resistance” causes more stability and core muscles to work as the bar is being lifted. For anyone, this means better balance, more core strength and higher calorie burn since more muscles are working to stabilize the shifting bar.¬†The bars come in different weights, and come with digital workouts with any purchase.

Motorola Talkabout T600 H20 Radios, $119.99

If you’re looking for some practical gifts for the outdoor enthusiasts on the list this holiday, I hope you‚Äôll consider a must-have WATERPROOF tech gadget designed for¬†men who enjoy spending time on the water, in the snow and in the great outdoors. Specifically, the¬†Motorola¬†Talkabout T600 H20 two-way radios are ideal for¬†outdoor¬†adventures when out of cell phone range.¬† Two-way radios are important for communication and safety.¬†¬†These feature NOAA weather updates and alerts and the T600 H20 is completely¬†WATERPROOF and FLOATS,¬†so no need to worry if it accidentally falls off the boat¬†or canoe.¬†¬†It also comes equipped with a¬†handy water-activated flashlight, which includes a white and red LED (to preserve night vision..) These are perfect for weekend skiing, camping, hiking, fishing and paddling adventures.
>>>Read Review Here<<<

Healbe GoBe 2, $199

Healbe‚Äôs GoBe2 Smart Life Band‚ĄĘ is the only Original consumer wearable device that tracks your calorie intake, hydration levels and other key lifestyle parameters 100% Aautomatically using sensor technology Body Manager‚ĄĘ . Order yours today! You can also order different color bands, so that you can be you! Extra bands are $19 each and an extra charging dock is only $25.
>>>Read Review Here<<<

Ghost Tequila, $24.99

Ghost Tequila is a glimpse of the possibilities that wait for us in the dark of night. It‚Äôs a celebration of the unknown, the surreal, and what lies ahead. Like a match struck in the dark, Ghost is the spark of excitement that runs down the spine after the lights go out. A mysterious fusion of ghost peppers and 100% agave tequila, Ghost will fill you with fire‚ÄĒa brief, transfixing possession that‚Äôll leave you bone-chilled and breathless. Whether you‚Äôre getting your kicks in a seedy dive or holding court with the chic and refined, Ghost is the perfect fuel for whenever the spirit strikes.

Holy Smoke Smoked Olive Oil, $15.00
Holy Smoke is first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil that’s cold-smoked with hickory wood in Charleston, SC.¬†The flavor is rich and buttery with a savory smoke that finishes with a subtle pepper.
We say,¬†“It’s like liquid bacon that’s good for you!”¬†Holy Smoke Smoked Olive Oil is 100% natural, raw & vegan.
Vetelli Leo Leather Dopp Kit, $49.99

The Leo Dopp Kit is a premium quality and versatile toiletry bag made out of modern materials. Named after Leonardo DaVinci, this dopp kit comes with YKK pullers and blind zippers considered the most durable and reliable travel accessories in the world. The beautiful supple PU leather is cruelty free, water resistant, able to survive extremely humid environments and to protect you against liquids and leaks. The golden inner lining is water and stain resistant and crafted with a reinforced weaving technique used in yacht sails, hot air balloons and parachutes, this results in a fabric lining that resists rips and tears.

Twang-A-Rita, $3.99

Naturally flavored blends of wildly delicious ingredients. Twang-A-Rita is a line of premium cocktail rimmer blends for cocktail enthusiasts who desire a uniquely flavored, re-sealable, and authentic product.

Twangerz, $6

Twangerz is a delicious flavored salt blend that can be eaten by itself or as a snack topping. Because Twangerz comes in several different flavors, the combinations are endless. You can mix and match, add a little or a lot or do whatever you want. It’s up to you!

Beer Salt, $12

Beer Salt is a delicious, citrus-flavored salt inspired by the Latino tradition of adding citrus and salt to beer. Sprinkle our salt combination onto your bottle, can or mug, and take the convenient pocket-sized mini beer bottle with you wherever you go to add flavor and fun to special events and everyday activities.

Can You Handlbar Initiative Kit, $85

Each Advanced Beard Care Kit includes a can of our Beard Dry Oil (Beard Balm), a bottle of our traditional beard oil and our innovative Can You Handlebar‚ĄĘ Beard OIl Brush, at a heavily discounted price. Also included are both our Primary and Secondary moustache waxes, making this the ideal all-in-one package. We throw in a signature shop rag to sweeten the deal, perfect for cleanup and every day back-pocket carry.¬†Crisp and refreshing, Initiative is bursting with citrus and bergamot while a slight hint of calming lavender takes the edge off. Orange, lemon, and lime harmonize for a fresh cool and collected feel. We use essential oils for our scents so that they will wear in subtly throughout the day.

Can You Handlebar Shampoo and Lotion Combo, $35

Specially formulated for beards but suitable for all hair, our shampoo cleans your hair and skin without robbing them of the oils necessary to keep them hydrated and healthy. Clean and healthy beards are less dry, and less prone to itchiness and flaking. Our shampoo is designed to keep your beard looking its best.  The Shampoo Scent: The brightness of spearmint and vetiver are grounded with sage and myrrh for a supremely clean scent. You’ll feel the clean as well with a slight tingle on the skin. Scented with essential oils, it’s designed to give you an initial burst of fragrance as you lather up in the shower that will wear in softly as you go about your day. The Lotion Scent: Spearmint, peppermint and tea tree combine for a cool, clean and refreshing scent. Scented with essential oils, it’s designed to give you an initial burst of fragrance as you apply it that mellows out immediately as it absorbs into the skin.

Rawhyd Dopp Kit, $49.99

The RAWHYD hanging toiletry bag is the most practical toiletry bag out there. The waxed canvas and leather combo makes it extremely durable, not to mention stylish. Plus, if you have to share a bathroom you probably know the pain of not enough counter space. This bag allows you to hang it in the bathroom and not take up extra space! It also has a detachable bag inside which makes taking your liquids out for traveling easy as pie!




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