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About Puffy Mattress

Deep Sleep Patent Pending Technology Top Layer –
3″ layer of Deep Sleep Patent Pending Technology memory foam adds super breathable comfort with pressure relieving support. Thismattress layer of foam will conform and support you with its adaptive weight distribution. Its superb heat dispersion will ensure you rest through the night without getting hot.
Base Layer –
7″ Base Core Density Support foam adds durability, support, and strength to the comfort layers for a longer lasting mattress.

101 Night Trial

Puffy provides all of its customers a complimentary 101 Night Sleep Trial, and that’s because we are highly confident that our sleep system will be the best foam mattress you have ever tried.  So if you’ve been considering our mattress, order worry-free!  Better yet, if for some reason you don’t believe the Puffy Mattress has provided you with the best sleep of your life, we will help you donate that mattress to a local charity and provide you a full refund!
mattressIt’s a win win all around!  Either you will discover a new level of deep sleep with our Puffy Mattress, or, if you decide it’s just not for you, you get to sleep easy knowing that your mattress wont go to waste!  It will be donated to a local or national charity to provide those in need with a comfortable bed that they can lay their head on!
You may be wondering to yourself why our company would just give away our mattress when its barely been used?  We here at Puffy Mattress believe that everyone deserves a restful sleep.  Everyone deserves a chance to wake up energized and ready to take on the day.  We want to ensure that your foam mattress wont end up in a dump, but will help to give those in need a better sleep to help better themselves!

What I Think

mattressBased on the reviews for Puffy, I would be more than willing to try it out. I have been using a memory foam mattress for over a year, and I love it. Having said that, though, my mattress is losing it’s firmness. With Puffy, you will be getting a great quality mattress, unlike any of the cheap ones. The price is very comparable to a new regular mattress. If you want a good night’s sleep, then Puffy is definitely the way to go. I love the memory foam mattresses because I toss and turn at night. With the memory foam, I don’t wake my husband.
Puffy is an amazingly giving company, as you can see above. When someone does a 101 night trial for their mattress, and chooses not to keep it, they donate it! How cool is that?!?! This way it goes to someone in need, rather than the landfill. So, there you have it. I would definitely recommend that you give Puffy a chance. With their 101 night trial, you really have nothing to lose!


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