If you are like me, and tired of requesting a certain test, just to be shot down by your MD, read on…

Health Testing Centers offers a wide range of testing for your convenience. They don’t take insurance, but that’s alright because their pricing is vary reasonable! I had the pleasure of being able to work with them. Let me tell you, I was shocked by some of the results. I had been asking my doctors for a few years now about doing the ANA test, to check for an autoimmune disorder. Every time, I was told it wasn’t necessary, and that we would keep an eye on things. Lo and behold, it came back positive!

I also found out that my cholesterol was ridiculously high, and my good cholesterol was too low. My thyroid was all messed up, too. The one bright spot was that my A1C, or three month average of blood sugars, was fantastic!

The Process

The process was super easy! You literally go to their website and make an account. I went through and added the tests that I wanted to my “shopping cart.” They are very informative as to what each test is for, and how much it costs, so you will never be left to wonder.

I then proceeded through the checkout process where you enter any discount codes, and your payment information. You will then have paperwork to take to the lab directed by Health Testing Centers. You get your results in about 48-72 hours. That’s it! It’s that easy!

After I got my results and read them thoroughly, I made an appointment with my MD. He was very much willing to accept those results, and has started me on medication to get me feeling better. I really loved how simple this process was, and appreciate the turnaround time on results!

A Deal, You Say?
Why yes, I have a deal for you! If you are wanting to try out Health Testing Centers, use the code MONTANAJUNE for 10% off!

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