It has been some time since I have posted! I am so very sorry about that, but life got in the way 😛

I have been cooking up a storm and have been busy busy! Dustin is playing Basketball, so I have been busy taking him to practice and going to watch his games!

And I have been busy with Austin’s behavior clinician coming twice a week. Look at what they worked on last week 🙂 They worked on problem solving and in the process made a flag from Austin’s Legos 🙂  (please pay no mind to the dirty face…I swear his nickname should be Pig Pen from Charlie

Then there’s the crazy cat!! He nearly lost his life this past week! Because I nearly killed We have had Midnight for almost 9 years, and he was a little over a year old when we got him, so he is between 10 and 11 years old. Last week, out of the blue, he started urinating on everything!! I was soo mad!!! We ended up taking him to the vet, and it turned out he has a urinary tract infection. So we had to change his diet quite a bit, because he also had a high ph level that indicates crystals in the urine. Crazy cat!

As you can see, he is a bit rotten and spoiled 😛

I have been doing my homework like mad, trying to finish classes so that I can be student teaching next fall!! I am so excited!!!!! It’s like there is finally light at the end of the homework tunnel! 

Ok, so that was a quick update on life and the crazy cat, so I am off to get my post in order for the yummy food part!!


"Time spent with cats is never wasted." ~ Sigmund Freud