Tinselbox is a unique monthly box club that provides a box full of decorations and goodies for the upcoming month’s holiday. There are all kinds of things in there to do! I’ve went and checked out the website thoroughly, and I am in love! They offer two different subscription levels:

  • Small Tinselbox for $19.99
  • Large Tinselbox for $39.99

When I got my box, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful tissue paper on the inside. I mean, seriously, they could have just thrown everything into the box and I would have been happy with that. It is great stuff! But no, instead they lure you in even more with their beautiful packaging!
This box was packed full of fun stuff!
First up are the wish papers. This was fun and yet oddly terrifying at the same time. Let me explain. I am the person that, if something bad can happen, it usually does. With the wish papers, you place it somewhere safe (I used the kitchen sink!) and light it on fire. Now this is tissue paper, so that thing will burn quickly! Once it burns out, it floats in the air, nearly to the ceiling. As it comes back down, you are supposed to catch it and make a wish for your New Year 🙂  Me? I followed all of the steps, but when it started floating I started freaking out..lol. I really shouldn’t have, though, because nothing bad happened. These are completely safe. The Tinselbox came with several papers, so there was enough for everyone to make a wish 🙂
The confetti popper that came with this box is sensory friendly. My youngest son has autism and sensory processing issues. He absolutely abhors loud noises. When he saw the popper, he nearly freaked out. When I explained to him that it wasn’t a noise popper, he calmed down and actual did the popper himself. Now this is fun because it is also reusable. The top pops right off, so you can refill it and use it over and over. With there not being  noise to it, it makes it very friendly for everyone 🙂
Next up are the fringe horns. I don’t get it. My son hates loud noises, like poppers and fireworks. Yet, he loves these things! Maybe it’s the fact that he is in control of the noise. Who knows. These little horns are a lot of fun, though, and we were making all kinds of noise with them on New Year’s Eve! They are small, so the noise isn’t unbearably loud. Just enough to make the night fun!
So, I have to confess something. This wonderful holiday themed box came with a few things that I don’t have pictures of. The first thing is the wonderful candy fortunes. These were fortune cookies with little candies attached to them. Once we had eaten them, I realized I had forgotten to photograph them. So I will just say that they were very yummy!
The second thing that I failed to get the photograph of was the star sparkler. This was a mini sparkler in the shape of a star. We went out onto the porch at midnight and lit it up. It was so much fun! Again, I didn’t realize until afterwards that I had forgotten to snap that picture. Sorry 🙁
The last item in the box was the gold tissue crowns. These crowns are made to fit just about anyone, and if they happen to be a bit big, you can use a piece of scotch tape to fold it and make smaller. The crowns are fun to wear during the celebration. These are also very sensory friendly. My son doesn’t care to have hats on. These tissue paper crowns were easy for him to tolerate.
These holiday themed boxes are so much fun! Each month it is a different box. Now, you can also go to their website and look at the past month’s box as well, to see what was offered.
Another thing you can do, is visit the “shop” section of their website. Here you can find some of the items previously offered, that you can purchase individually!
I personally think that these holiday themed boxes are awesome! They ended up  being sensory friends, whether they intended to or not, and that made this mama very happy! Way to go, Tinselbox!

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