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How Tech Affects Us Today

by Majenica Moles

Tech in the past

100 years ago, one of our biggest pieces of tech was the invention of airplanes. Nowadays, tech is everywhere, and it is evolving rapidly. Airplanes are still a big part of the tech world, and now they have the ability to basically fly themselves using auto pilot. I’m sure this was not even thought of 100  years ago!
Now, we can add drones to our ever-growing tech base. Drones can be simple, like a remote control airplane, or they can be as complicated as being used in the military as an aid. Even children’s toys have evolved with technology. Baby toys have features that they never had, even twenty years ago. “Pretend” cell phones are part of children’s toys, and are pretty realistic. They have apps and games on them. We are pushing tech onto our children at a young age.


When I was in school, our tech stuff was old, bulky computers that we played Oregon Trail on. They didn’t have high tech graphics, and they used dot matrix printers. Now, schools are equipped with tablets, laptops, and all sorts of high tech gadgets. They have security cameras attached to front doors, that allow staff to see who is buzzing to get inside. People cannot just walk into a school, they have to push a button and be granted access. Schools now have large computer labs filled with the newest technology, including spiffy desktop computers and laser printers. Students are encouraged to bring things, such as tablets, to school to aid in their education.


Here at my home, we have way too much tech happening. We have televisions in every bedroom, gaming systems galore, and not near enough books. Growing up, I never had a computer or anything of the sort. My children have video games, cell phones, tablets, etc. It’s insane how much they use technology. Now, for my youngest son, technology can be frustrating, but it can also be helpful. He is autistic, so he struggles with things like spelling, so being able to speak into a device to have it search for him can be a blessing.
I will admit that I love my tech. I like having the newest cell phones and tablets. I like being able to stream shows on my television, and not have to buy cable. I can print from my phone directly to my wireless printer! I don’t even need a computer to do it, either. It’s amazing how much we can do in our homes with technology. There are voice command devices that can turn your lights off, start your coffee in the morning, and even re-order groceries online.
Blake Rubin absolutely loves tech! He is very well versed in different aspects of tech, and is an industry force! He has been involved in the development of software, and apps, involving speech recognition. He has always had a fascination with technology (much like myself!) and is highly educated in the topic. I dare you to go read more about him and his love of tech!


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