Do you wish to purchase a rug for your home or office space? Whatever might be your requirements, it is important to choose the right area rug for the given space to be assured of the best results. There are several reasons for why rugs are being utilized for carpeting a given room or space. Rugs are known to be highly functional while enhancing the overall décor of any space effortlessly.

Regarded as an impressive artwork for the floor, rugs should be utilized in a manner such that it not only serves functional but also helps in creating a well-balanced space naturally. Right from the color of the rugs to its design & pattern, the material used, and so more –it is imperative for you to choose the right rug that fulfills your purpose. Whether you are creating a new space or renovating the existing design of the space, here are some top ways to choose the best area rug for your space:

  • Use a Single or a Few Rugs: There is no specific rule on choosing the right number of rugs for the given space. Whether you go for selecting a single rug or multiple rugs for your home or office, the rugs should suffice your purpose of improved functionality as well as décor of the given space. As per the interior decoration experts, if you wish to decorate a smaller area or living rooms that are enclosed by doorways & walls, you can go for the option of a single rug.

At the same time, for the large-scale spaces like lofts or a hotel lobby, you can consider installing large-sized or small-sized multiple rugs for the best results. The presence of multiple rugs from can help in grounding disparate furniture groups while separating a living area from other areas of the given space.

  • Determine the Right Size: When you are planning to go for a rug purchase, it is recommended to work around the obstructions of the given room. You should go for choosing a size that helps in either covering the walkway completely or leaving the floor exposed from where individuals need to pass by. Then, you can go for deciding how far the rugs should extend beyond the furniture. The best way to determine the right size of the rug is to make sure that it is capable of reaching underneath around four feet of the surrounding furniture.
  • Choosing Plain or Patterned Rugs: A rug that features bold patterns can help in defining the intricate features of the living area. However, at the same time, it tends to deliver great impact. Therefore, you need to be completely sure before making this choice. Deciding whether you should go forward with the statement graphic rug or something more detailed should come down to your personal preference. At the same time, you should also consider the design vision as well as the location of the space for the right rug design selection.


Make the most of the tips from the experts to choose the right rug for your space.


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