After a hard-toiling day our body and mind demand relaxation. To relax completely, you need to have proper sleep.  Good sound sleep is considered as the best medicine for good health. It is troublesome when someone is suffering from a sleeping disorder. One such disorder is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea affects the efficiency of your work and takes a toll on your overall health badly. It shows signs of laziness, irritation, and sickness. It is a big challenge to provide cure to a sleep apnea patient. Therefore, choosing the best CPAP mask that matches your sleep position is necessary.

The cure for Sleep Apnea

A sleep apnea patient is recommended some therapies from the specialists where a popular and easy therapy is choosing a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Mask. It removes an obstruction while breathing and supplies sufficient air pressure when you sleep. To choose a mask you have to consider your sleeping position. Thus, the mask will give you complete comfort while you sleep.

Determine your Sleeping Position

CPAP mask therapy can be beneficial if you are able to determine your sleeping position. Though individuals would not sleep in a constant position or manner, there is a particular sleep position which makes one quite comfortable. Depending on these sleeping positions i.e. back sleep, side sleep etc.  you need to choose the mask. There are CPAP masks for side sleepers and back sleepers.

(a) Back Sleepers: If you are a back sleeper than choose the mask accordingly. For the back sleeping position, high air pressure is needed so full face mask is most suitable for you. It covers both nose and mouth. Thus, it is an ideal choice for mouth breathers.

(b) Side Sleepers – If you are a side sleeper then you need a different mask. CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask is best for side sleepers. It is a flexible mask which has dual-wall flaps and offers support just like a pillow. It stays evenly on nose while shifting the sides. These masks are lightweight and comfortable. Side sleeping position offers many health benefits and improves sleep Apnea Symptoms.

Mask Liners

While using CPAP mask users face many issues and to get rid of these discomforts there are CPAP mask liners. It is very unfortunate that you wake up during your sleep due to some discomfort created by your CPAP mask. To get a better sleep mask liners should be used. Let’s see what these how do the mask liners eliminate these sleeping discomforts. 

These liners reduce air leaks, pressure marks, nasal bridge sores, and skin irritation. These are antibacterial, healthy, clean and safe. These keep the mask clean and reduce the time to clean it. CPAP masks collect viruses, bacteria, and dirt with daily use. These need regular cleaning to protect the user from infection. 

Cleaning and  Sanitizing the Mask 

To clean the CPAP mask a user can make use of Sani Bot sanitizer cleaning machine. CPAP mask sanitizer cleaning machine by sani bot helps to maintain the hygiene of your CPAP mask. It is simple to use as well. While cleaning the mask water is filled in the tank and then a cleaning tablet is added. Then you need to submerge the mask in the solution and add the timer. After that, you get sanitized and bacteria free CPAP mask.


So, if you are suffering from sleep apnea symptoms, then choose a CPAP mask today as per your sleeping position. Get in touch with a specialist if you are finding it challenging to select a CPAP mask. The specialist can guide you. Once you select a suitable CPAP mask then choose a mask liner to eliminate the sleeping discomforts. Also, keep the mask clean for better breathing and sound sleep. Using the mask properly and on a regular sleeping time, it will reduce the risk of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and much more. You will feel more energetic and happy after a good night sleep and make the most of your day.


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