One of the most dusty and dull parts of the car are brake calipers and a simple paint job can do wonders to its appearance. Behind the rims, dusty calipers look very bad and you can paint your brake calipers to add a little oomph to your wheels. Spray painting the calipers is a good idea.

Things You Need

A high heat spray paint will be required for this process. It should go to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need some isopropyl alcohol which will clean once everything is done. You will need some brake clean as well. A metal wire brush will also be required with some 230 and 600 grit sandpaper.


As you are doing it on the car there is no need to bleed the brakes. The brake line should be kept attached. Keep the rest of the things completely covered with the help of a garbage bag so the paint doesn’t spoil rest of the car parts.

While spraying you must have something to cover your mouth. It will protect your lungs. Use an eye gear to protect your eyes as well. Take the wire brush now and clean the metal. Take care of the rubber and pins along with the rubber on the brake line. There is rubber down the pistons as well, so watch that as well.

Make sure to clean it properly and sand it very well. You must spend time to do this correctly. Now use the brake clean to clean everything properly. Let it dry and then start sanding. Use the sandpaper grit 230, but if the calipers are smooth and look perfect then use the 600 sandpaper grit. You should remove rust from the rusty Calipers. You can take the caliper off and open it and you may also want the brake peck clips out and paint under it properly. It may not be important for everyone. So, there are various ways of painting that you can imply.

Use the brake clean again and then let it dry. Now use the isopropyl alcohol. Just change the gloves before using the alcohol as this is the last step before you begin with painting. So be as clean as you can. Use a new pair of gloves then. Use a paper towel and put some alcohol on it and start cleaning the calipers. You will see a lot of dirt on the towel. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate now.

Once dried make use of the best brake caliper paint and do not forget to read the instructions. You should read about the temperature range and there should be right amount of distance while painting. So, read the instructions very carefully to avoid any problems. Use the tape on parts you don’t want to paint. Continue spray painting.

Do it carefully and then let the paint settle down for at least two minutes. Once dried, you should use another coat of paint. Let it dry for thirty minutes now. Do it on one side first and then do it on the other side. Just take care that on the other side you do not put a lot of paint on the piston or piston cover. So tape it off and then start with spray painting.  Let it sit for two minutes after the first coat and once dried do it again. Let it sit for thirty minutes now.

It’s done.


The process is completed now and you have the new painted brake caliper which is good to go. This process will enhance the look and feel of the brake caliper. It is a quick and smooth process. You will not see rusty calipers behind shiny rims anymore.


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