How To Tell If You Have A Bed Bug Infestation

You may have bed bugs lurking in your mattress, small holes in the wall, curtains of your drawing room, doormats, carpets, and rugs – just about anywhere! How can you tell? It’s impossible to see these nocturnal insects with your naked eyes as you go about your daily routine. Resultantly, the only time you sit up and take notice of their presence is when you wake up with stings and itches in the middle of the night.  Or when you start noticing unexplained small, red, agonizing spots on different parts of your body – they may be the sting marks of bed bugs. In some cases, you may also develop rash-like conditions.

Why Should You Pay Attention to the Signs of Bed Bugs?

There are few other tell-tale signs that point to graver issues. These serious problems have to be nipped in the bud before they spiral out of control. It’s recommended that you pay attention to these bed bugs indicators to keep them at bay as they can harm you and your loved ones in more ways than one. Unfortunately, bed bugs don’t go away easily. Checking for the presence of bed bugs in your bedding is an important method of tracing them. You can trigger off the process yourself. Take careful notice of any spots or rusty stains on your mattresses or sheets. They may have been caused by excrement or dead bed bugs.

Indications of Bed Bugs in your Space

Itchy rashes and red spots can be the result of acne, excessive heat or humidity, or allergies. Given this, you cannot conclude that all rashes point to the existence of bed bugs in your space. Jordan Larson from Custom Bed Bug says that while bed bugs don’t spread disease, they can give you painful bites and irritating rashes. How do you tell the difference in rashes? Experts in bed bugs elimination have several tools and techniques in their armory to help assess the problem and get rid of it.

Bed Bugs Elimination: What to Watch out for?

In most cases, signs of bed bugs infestation are to be found in your pillows, mattresses, couch cushions, curtains, and near other places where hosts (human beings or pets) are likely to reside. They might even be found in your, jacket, or shoelaces. Pest elimination companies like Custom Bedbug use effective treatment modes to put your worries to rest. Their experienced technicians use specialized equipment to trace tiny bed bug eggs, or the remains or exoskeletons shed off by bed bug nymphs.  Remember, bed bugs can come into your space from anywhere – when you go on a trip, to the office, or any public place. Bed bugs suck on blood to survive. They thrive in your living spaces and hard-to-determine nicks and crevices. Bed bugs are also present in drawer joints, wall voids, or electrical outlets; or in the crannies of your box-spring or headboard.

Hire Bed Bug Extermination Services

You may want to get in touch with specialists who have proven methods and the right equipment to eliminate pests from your space. They can offer helpful non-chemical based solutions that are environment-friendly and effective. Get in touch with professionals in bed bugs identification, elimination, and prevention to keep your environment clean and healthy.


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