Ice Maker

Everyone needs an ice maker! We were buying bags of ice each week from the local convenience store. That got old really fast, as we would need ice in the evening and nobody felt like going out to get it. Every drink warm soda? It’s not that appealing. Hammacher has this really amazing counter top ice maker, and I have fallen in love with it.
ice maker
This ice maker is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s like my holy grail. And it makes the cutest bullet shaped ice cubes!
ice maker

About The Machine

his is the portable ice maker that produces ice more efficiently than lesser models. Yielding 1″-long conical-shaped ice cubes in batches of 12, the ice maker creates 1.8 lbs. of ice per hour. Analyst’s from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute praise this unit for its ability to produce, “a batch of clear, well-formed cubes in just under 10 minutes.” Its easy-to-use, drain-free operation simply requires filling its 1.32-gallon reservoir with water, selecting from small to large ice cube sizes, and setting the timer for 1/2-hour to 18-hour continuous operation. It shuts off automatically when the easily removable 23/4-lb. capacity bin is full, and any meltwater is filtered and re-used for the next batch. An audible alert notifies you when the water tank is empty. Two side handles provide easy portability. Stainless steel construction provides easy cleaning. Plugs into AC. 15″ L x 17 1/4′ W x 17″ H. (38 lbs.).
Hammacher also offers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE for their products! Not very many companies do that anymore. I’ve had this ice maker for a few months now, and we run it at least once a week, and we’ve never had a single issue with it. It makes the ice pretty quickly, so you aren’t waiting around for hours.
The one thing I would change about this machine is the fact that it doesn’t keep the ice cold. You have to dump the ice as soon as it is made, or it will melt. But, given that I like this machine so much, that isn’t an issue with me really. Overall, I love it and I do recommend it.


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