DeGusta Box sends you several full size items each month! I love trying out the new items and I enjoy the surprise!

About Degusta Box

sampleAt Degustabox we don’t give away free samples, instead, we believe we work on a much more attractive premise and we would like to share that with you.
Degustabox is a monthly subscription service, which, much like other monthly subscription box services, we send out products to our subscribers to test and enjoy. The difference with Degustabox is, we don’t send out sample size items but actual full sized food products – the kind you would normally buy in the supermarket! They may not be free but they have a different types of value, the element of surprise being one of them!
Every month your Degustabox will include a variety of 9 – 14 products from 6 – 10 different brands.
The Degustabox philosophy is very much about the element of surprise. Each month the excitement of not knowing what you are getting in your sampleDegustabox and finding new and exciting products is very popular with our subscribers. Like we already mentioned, we don’t send out small free samples that can’t be sold but instead we work with full sized items, just the kind that you would put in your shopping cart in the supermarket but that might be more of a spontaneous or impulse buy.

My Thoughts

sampleThe July Degusta Box blew me away! There were so many good things in it, that I wasn’t sure where to start: King Arthur Flour chocolate chip cookie mix, Mrs. Thinster’s cookie thins, Kala beans, Mutti tomato sauce, Karma wellness water, Wise Foods Cinnabon popcorn and sea salt popcorn, Vermont Smoke & Cure meat sticks, Goya olive oil, WaffleWaffle snack waffle, and a coupon for an RX Bar. That’s a lot of stuff!
My teenage boys immediately took off with the meat sticks, and refused to share..haha. The olive oil is one of our favorites, as we use it with seasoning, and then dip French bread into it. Of course, we also cook with it.
There are so many items in each box, that you are sure to find something in there for everyone in your house.  We love that the items aren’t tinysample little sample packs. I mean, seriously, who can get a feel for something by eating/using a tiny sample pack? With Degusta Box, you will definitely get your money’s worth, and will never feel like you got short changed!
One of the things I really love about Degusta Box is that I get to try new things. I’m not always an adventurous person, so I tend to not buy things if I have never had them. With Degusta Box, I want to use everything I get, so I am constantly trying new things. Overall, I love getting the box each month, and seeing what’s in it!


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