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Let’s Talk Technology

by Majenica Moles

Technology is a huge part of our everyday lives. It’s everywhere we look, and in everything we do. Even schools have introduced more technology into their curriculum. Schools are now offering laptops and tablets to the students, to provide better equipment for doing work. This can be a good thing, and it can be a bad thing. While giving students the ability to better complete their work, we are also pushing them towards more screen time on tablets and such. This can potentially have consequences, such as less social interaction and strain on the eyes.

Technology is also in every store we walk into. Cash registers are getting smarter and smarter. Now there are check out lanes that allow you to do everything yourself. In a lot of electronics and cell phone stores, you will see nearly every employee with a tablet in their hand. There are monitors throughout a lot of stores that allow you to check your own prices, eliminating the need for interaction with sales associates.
Even your kitchen appliances are gaining more and more abilities. I’ve seen refrigerators with, what is basically, a computer in the door. Why in the world do we need a computer in our fridge? When did this become a thing? There are so many things that we have access to, that really isn’t necessary, but it’s technological progress.

Do your own ordering…

You can find ordering kiosks in some fast food restaurants now! I was in a popular fast food place a few weeks ago, and they had an ordering kiosk, so I thought I’d try it out. I’m not going to lie, it was a much smoother transaction than standing in line to order at a register. We had the ability to select any modifications to our sandwiches, just like we would at the register. We even paid right there at the kiosk, and were given a receipt with our order number. I really enjoyed that experience!


The economy is also affected by technology. You might be asking yourself how. Well, when technology takes the place of a physical employee, than that employee becomes unemployed.  If technology keeps taking the place of workers, then how will we earn a living? The economy can be affected in a positive way, as well. By having technology that needs maintenance, the businesses can hire more people to take care of the machines. Andrew Charlton talks about the economy and how it affects China and Australia in his essay Dragon’s Tail. It’s an interesting read! Andrew Charlton also talks about things such as progress in his essay Man-Made World.
Technology really affects everything in the world nowadays. Everyone has a cell phone or tablet in their hands, and at least one computer or gaming system. In my  home, we have more pieces of technology than I care to admit. Technology can be great, though! I just got a new bed that has the ability to warm my side of the bed, without making my husband roast. To me, this is amazing! I can definitely get on board with technology like that!


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