So, you have created a business/brand, and now you want to increase your engagement. But, how? Well, the most obvious choice is through mobile engagement. Mobile engagement is the interaction between a business/brand and a consumer on a mobile device (Brandon Carter, Access, 2019). 

There are several different methods for creating this engagement. The first thing you need to do, is figure out what type of engagement you are going for. Do you want to just present ads, or do you want clicks from consumers. Depending on what you are looking for, you have tons of options. You do want to keep in mind that some consumers are traveling, and might have roaming issues. Not all of these methods will be useful to a consumer, but thankfully with roaming control, they will be able to opt into what works best for them.


This one is fairly simple. You can create ads to be shown on different social media outlets for relatively little cost. There are several other platforms these ads can be shown on as well, including YouTube, or even on digital reading devices. These would be simple ads directing consumers to your brand/business and website. Simple and to the point.

Text Messages

Some brands will use text messaging to engage consumers. This is a little trickier, because you generally have to get the consumers permission first, which means you have to engage them in another way to start with. But, as an ongoing method of engagement, this is another relatively inexpensive way of reaching consumers. You can even use an SMS API for this.


This is a fantastic way of engaging consumers, in my opinion. I, personally, love apps. I especially love apps that include some kind of customer bonus, such as a reward “punch” for purchases. Another great thing about apps is being able to make an appointment within them, such as a hair appointment. If you look at some of the grocery store apps, some of the bigger chains even allow you to do your grocery shopping on the app, then pick up the items at the store. Honestly, there are so many options to make an app interactive that you could really get a lot of engagement from consumers. 

Mobile Calls

Personally, I would only ever do this if you are calling to remind someone about an appointment. As a consumer, I don’t answer these calls. They are annoying and would, in my opinion, provide little to no engagement from consumers. In fact, I feel that you could lose customers with this.

Overall, there really are a lot of different ways to engage consumers. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but more of a starting point. Your best chance of engagement is to feel out what your targeted customer base might be looking for. You need to decide what your targeted base is, and do some research on what they might want. For instance, if your targeted customers are 18-30, they might be more interested in an interactive app on their phone, whereas an older customer base of, say, 50-75, might be more interested in a social media ad, or a text message. Just do your research and do what is best for your customer base, keeping in mind the potential need for roaming control. You might need to do a combination of several methods to reach all of your targeted audience, but in the end it will pay off.



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