For years, hubby and I have talked about doing a bathroom remodel. We have so many plans for it, but time gets away from us, and finances just won’t cooperate. So, I thought I’d share our plans for the remodel, by telling you what we have in mind for it.

So, a while back we went to a hotel for our anniversary. They happened to have a whirlpool tub with jets. We fell in love! The jets were so soothing, and it was just relaxing. You don’t really have the option to relax in a shower. We decided then and there that we wanted a whirlpool tub instead of a regular tub.

First and foremost, our absolute must have is a whirlpool tub with jets. Like, if we can’t do anything else to our bathroom, this is the one thing we would do. 

bathroom remodel tub

This whirlpool tub is our ideal one. It has jets, and a handheld shower head, head rests and so much more!

  • Durable acrylic and fiberglass design makes the tub durable and brilliant
  • Hydro-massage system features 4 multi directional jets , 8 air bubble bottom jets, 4 back and 2 bottom acupressure water jets
  • Chrome faucet and drain fixtures are included and installed
  • Classic triangle shape allows comfortable bathing positions
  • Air regulator valve
  • 5 mm tempered glass
  • 1.2 HP motor provides ample power for the jet system
  • Hand shower allows for easy bathing

This tub is the bomb! It has a hydro-massage system, which is amazing for those nights I get home from work and I’m so sore I can’t move!


Let’s talk flooring. Obviously, in a bathroom, tile or vinyl flooring will be best. Carpet isn’t a smart choice in a room where water hits the floor all the time. And if you have kids, let’s face it, water will hit the floor all the time. We lived in an apartment once, when our children were little, and it had carpet. It was the worst design choice ever. My boys were messy when it came to taking baths. Water ended up outside of the tub all the time! I swear there was more water on the floor than in the tub!

For us, a wooden look is ideal, and waterproof. Something like this flooring would be great.

bathroom remodel flooring

This flooring is waterproof, and is relatively budget friendly. I love the wood grain look, and the ease of installation. This is a snap together flooring and it would make our bathroom look amazing. 

Having someone do the install

What if we don’t want to do the install ourselves? There are a ton of options out there. There are sometimes that doing a bathroom remodel yourself isn’t the best option. In that case, there are companies that will come in and do everything so you don’t have to. They can do everything from tubs to windows. Sometimes, they can even put the new tub right over the old one, without removing the old one.

Imagine being able to remodel your bathroom, without actually having to do the remodel work! That would be absolutely amazing and stress free! That’s my kind of remodel!


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