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Our Personal Injury Story

by Majenica Moles

On Wednesday, June 10, 2015, my husband was out mowing our yard with our oldest (almost 15 at the time) son, Dustin. As hubby was mowing around our raised garden beds, he was pulling the mower backwards from in between them. He had done this countless times through the years and never thought anything about it. This time, however, disaster struck. He misjudged his distance, and tripped over one of the beds, causing him to fall down. When he fell, the mower came up on top of his foot. Our mowers are 30+ years old, and do not have the safety lever that shuts off the mower when released. So, when he fell, it didn’t shut off. When it came up on top of his foot, it essentially skinned it. Thankfully, Russell had his wits about him during this, and was able to use his other leg to kick the mower off, as it was trying to come up onto his leg. Dustin saw it happen, and thankfully was able to run over and shut the mower off and come get help.

A mother knows…

As a mother, when your child runs to get you, calling for you, you KNOW if it is serious just by the tone of their voice. When I heard him calling, my heart dropped. I could hear the fear and concern in his voice, and I knew, without him having to tell me, that it was bad. I grabbed my cell phone and was dialing 911 as I ran out of the front door. Russell had hobbled around to the front of the house to the porch as I was getting out there (I was getting dressed when Dustin came in, so it took me a few seconds). He immediately dropped onto the porch, and was starting to get really pale.

Scary times…

Fire Rescue was at my house, literally, within 90 seconds of my dialing 911. This is one of the advantages of living within 2 blocks of the fire station! The ambulance came within 3 minutes of my call. They saw that Russell was going into shock, and immediately started an I.V. with pain medication. Next came the moment of truth. They cut off his boot. I will not lie, I was scared to death that we were going to find that his foot was shredded to ribbons. I was terrified, and I was so relieved to see that the whole foot had not been damaged, but rather the big toe and part of the top of his foot and some of the side. The EMT said that if it were not for the steel toe boots, he would have lost his entire foot, no doubt.
This incident happened at home, and was in our own yard. Had this happened in someone else’s yard, or happened to someone in our  yard, then it could have resulted in a legal claim.  Winters & Yonkers is just one personal injury firm that you can talk to. If you think you have a personal injury claim, then definitely give them a call, and see what they can do for you!


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