Have you ever wondered how pest control companies can run so efficiently? I mean, think about it. They have to keep track of customers, sales, invoices, jobs, expenses, etc. That has to be incredibly overwhelming!

Why you need it!

I know that when we had a pest control company come to our home before we moved in, there was  ton of stuff for them to do. They had to send an employee to do an inspection, then write up an estimate. After we approved the estimate, they created a file for our home and sent someone out to do the spraying. Because it took a few visits to get things under control, there was more paperwork for invoices and such. Even something as simple as a customer calling in needs documented.

Even after all of that is done, the company still has to keep track of what is owed, and any payments made. It’s crazy! Imagine, if you, as a business owner, had to keep track of all that. Pocomos pest control software helps you, so you can run efficiently. They have an amazing software program that will keep track of everything you need to run a successful pest control business.

What a good software will do

A good software will help you keep track of clients, so you can see all of their account and contact information on any device. You shouldn’t have to be in the office to have access to everything you need. This would make it so much easier and convenient for those that are in the field working.  A good software will also allow you to contact your clients, whether by text, phone or email, while out and about.

Keeping track of sales should come standard in any business software, so that you can always see how your business is performing. Being able to see sales information will allow you to know where you need to make improvements.

You need to be able to generate several types of reports. Reports are vital for any business, so that, as a business owner, you can know what is happening at all times. You need several different reports, including payment history and search reports. You should be able to generate different employee reports, as well, such as days works, hours missed, jobs completed, etc.  

I can’t imagine running any type of business without having a good software. It just seems like it would be horribly difficult doing everything manually. You would be spending so much time trying to take care of everything that a software can do, that you wouldn’t have time to actually run your business. Don’t waste all of your time trying to do things that can be done with a software. Enjoy running your business, don’t let yourself get run ragged trying to keep up! Check out Pocomos pest control software!

So, if you  had the opportunity to get a pest control software for your business, don’t you think you should? What do you think should be included in a software? Let me know in the comments!


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