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If you are like me, you get frustrated at how expensive medications are, even with insurance!  This past month was no exception. With it being the beginning of the year, our deductible has not been met yet, so our prescriptions are full price. We can’t afford that, since I take 5 prescriptions per month. I went to pick up just a few of them, and it was nearly $70. I had to tell them to hold onto them until I could determine if I could get them or not.

We shouldn’t have to do that. It shouldn’t be a thing we have to save up to get, but unfortunately it is. Thankfully, ValpakRx can help me and you! I used them to be able to afford my medications with prescription savings. It doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not, the pharmacy can still use the ValpakRx card to help your prescription costs be lower. Even if you have only 1 prescription per month, I encourage you to go and sign up, because you can still save on that 1 prescription!

About Valpak Rx

ValpakRx™ is a free mobile app and prescription discount card that helps users nationwide save every month by finding them the lowest price on prescriptions at their local pharmacies.

ValpakRx™ has negotiated a discount rate with a national network of drugstores and retail outlets.

  • More than 35,000 stores have partnered with ValpakRx™
  • The average savings is $61 per prescription.
  • Free for anyone to use.
  • No personal information collected.

At least 80 percent of the time your discount card will save you money because the cost will be less than the pharmacy’s retail price.

Sometimes insurance doesn’t cover a certain drug or you can’t afford your medication due to a high deductible. This is where ValpakRx can help.

The actual amount you will save varies depending on which pharmacy you use and which medication you buy. Use the prescription price lookup feature to get an idea of what your medicine will cost at different pharmacies in your area.

Their Mission

We support our partners’ efforts to better the lives of Americans and to help make each community a better place to live. Our mission is to provide affordable prescription healthcare at the lowest cost possible. We believe the financial savings that cardholders achieve when they use our free Rx discount card will have a huge impact on their lives and give them access to practical, affordable healthcare solutions.




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