Since it has been so long since I have posted, I felt that I should re-introduce the blog!

This blog is a plethora of things pertaining to yummy food, my crazy cats and my interesting/boring at times/crazy life.

My name is Majenica. Yes, that is a strange name 🙂 Some call me Jeni, others call me Majenica. I even have a cousin who used to call me JeniMaSue! I am an aspiring blogger, a mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. I work for Sallie Mae, and love my job. I absolutely love my co-workers and we get along great! 

I have been married to the love of my life, Russell,  for 17 years and I couldn’t ask for a better husband! He cooks, he cleans, and he even homeschools Austin. How awesome is he?!?! 

I have two sons. Both boys are my world and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Dustin is 13 years old and in the 7th grade. He loves sports, Xbox 360, riding his bike and being with his friends. Oh, and his  He is nearly as tall as his dad and skinny as a rail.  He is the world’s pickiest eater and just recently tried (and liked!!) bacon for the first time. He would live off of Spaghettios and Ramen if we let

Austin is 11 years old and loves Batman, Power Rangers and Kitties. Austin has autism and is homeschooled. He loves being at home rather than a brick and mortar school. He thrives with one on one education. Austin is nearly as tall as Dustin! He isn’t as skinny, though, because he loves his food. His favorite food is tuna right out of the can! eeewww!!!!!

We have 2 cats. Midnight is our black cat, who is 11 years old. We got him from the Humane Society when he was 1. He still acts like a little kitten though! Very playful 🙂 Stella is our siamese cat, who is 4 years old. We got her from the animal shelter a few months ago. You would never know that she didn’t grow up with us, though! They are both spoiled rotten and know just how to get their way!

Well, now you have met the family 🙂 My goal for 2014 is to blog at least three times a week. I didn’t do so well with that in 2013, so now I have to work harder at my goal! I hope you will like the blog and will tell your friends about it. This is going to be a great year with exciting things to come on here!


"Time spent with cats is never wasted." ~ Sigmund Freud