RoseArt has been a household name for a very long time! I clearly remember them from when I was a kid in school.

About RoseArt 3D Coloring Deluxe Pack

“Hail, hail, the gang’s all here! We’ve rounded up a crew of creatures in our 3D Coloring Deluxe Pack— Color Blanks creatures that span the animal kingdom to keep one artist, or a whole slew of them, rollicking in 3D coloring fun! Take coloring creativity to a whole new dimension of shapes and forms – not just a flat 2D surface. These aren’t just any ordinary forms, they’re an animal array of the most lovable, colorful sort. We’ve got a fantastic fox, a riveting rabbit, a majestic little bull, a tenacious turtle and a fabulous fish—extraordinary fun for everyone! Whether you color these creatures on your own, or throw a party and share the fun with friends, this deluxe pack is sure to be a hit! Each set comes with a complete palette of markers which includes 3 metallic colors, for adding an extra touch of shine and shimmer.

Key Features:
  • Color in 3D for a new dimension in fun
  • Customize and display your own cute creature crew
  • Easy to do and great to share
  • Includes: 6 Blank vinyl figures, 15 markers
  • For ages 6+

About Ultimate Artist 24ct Gel Pens

Once gel pens entered the universe, our world would never be the same. Easy to hold and easy to guide, Ultimate Artist gel pens feel good in your hands and are smartly designed to move smoothly and effortlessly across paper. And with a beautiful variety of colors to draw and write with, your work is always brilliant and interesting. Always keep a pack easily within reach, because everyone can always use a burst of color.

Key Features:
  • 24 gel pen markers to smoothly draw and write
  • Ink colors come in Glitter, Metallic & Neon to stand out on paper
  • Long-lasting and high-quality
  • Great for home, school or office
  • Certified non-toxic

About Ultimate Artist 30ct Watercolor Pencils

Find a new way to express your creativity with Ultimate Artist Watercolor Pencils. Enjoy the easy control of colored pencils with the freeform and fluid effect of watercolor in this incredible hybrid tool. Whether you’re working on a beautiful landscape, still-life, or doodle, color and draw with these pencils like you would with any other colored pencil. Then dip a paint brush in a little water and apply to your pencilwork. You’ll see watercolor effects magically unleashed before your eyes as the colors soften and blend together. Each set includes 30 brilliant colors so you can create, shade and blend to your heart’s content.

Key Features:
  • 30 Watercolor pencils
  • Add a watercolor effect to your coloring projects
  • Just draw and color, then blend with a wet paintbrush
  • Non-toxic

About Ultimate Artist Coloring Book

Coloring is all the rage! Great for building focus, alleviating stress, and all-out creative fun! This book features 40 8”x10″” coloring pages in four fabulous mixed media pages to suit the changing moods of the creative soul: foil, translucent, fuzzy, artist paper. Mix and match writing tools with each paper type to create new and exciting coloring experiences—colored pencils, supertip markers and gel pens all work wonders on these pages!
The designs are sure to please—varying from sophisticated and stylish to whimsical and bohemian chic. So break our your markers, gel pens and colored pencils, the Ultimate Artist Coloring Book is here to save the day!

Key Features:
  • A great collection of coloring designs to choose from
  • 40 8”x10” coloring pages
  • Four mixed media papers: foil, translucent, fuzzy, artist paper
  • Fun for everyone
  • Great for home, school or office

My Thoughts

I was very excited to get these products! The first thing I opened was the Color Blanks. They are so much fun to color. The little markers that come with it are the perfect size for your kiddo. My son has fine motor skill issues, and he was able to hold onto the markers very well. He and I sat down and colored together, and had a lot of fun. It doesn’t take a long time for them to dry, so you don’t have to wait hours to display them. I like that they aren’t a hard ceramic. This makes them safer around kiddos, and pets. I have cats. They like to knock things off. If they knock these off, they won’t break them 🙂
The coloring book, pens, pencils… I am an avid coloring fanatic! I have tons of books, markers, pens and pencils. Gel pens are, by far, my favorite coloring medium, with pencils being my second favorite. The gel pens that they sent me are awesome! They flow smoothly across the paper, and don’t dispense too much ink. Too often, I have issues with pens dispensing too much ink, and then it streaks. That’s definitely not the case with these!
Any one of these items would make great Holiday gifts! They are appropriate for any age, so there’s no guessing as to whether they will work for a co-worker, or a child. Go get these today, and make those on your list, happy!


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