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See How Much You Can Save With SingleCare!

by Majenica Moles

Have you ever went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, and found out that you couldn’t afford it? It’s difficult to keep up with your health care, if you can’t get your medications. Not everyone can afford to get health insurance, and some health insurance companies don’t cover prescriptions. So, what do you do? You get SingleCare! It’s easy to sign up for, and doesn’t cost you!
Recently, I had to go to the pharmacy to get my prescription filled, and the cash price was ridiculous! I was going to have to pay more than $50! Needless to say, I did not pay for it. Instead, I went home and was looking at discount prescription cards online. Did you know that you can save up to 80% with SingleCare? That’s a lot of savings!  Like I said above, my prescription was going to cost more than $50, but with SingleCare, I only paid around $12! That’s a 75% savings. That’s insane! For example, if you are an asthmatic, you could get an Advair Diskus coupon card and be able to save money on your prescription.

What else is there?

Prescriptions aren’t the only thing that you can save on, though! You can save on dental visits, eye doctor needs, and even a video doctor’s visit! You can potentially save more than 50% on dental procedures and visits. Anyone know has ever had to pay cash for a dental visit, knows that they are expensive. Any savings is a good thing! With SingleCare, you can get an eye exam for around $50 or so. They even offer savings for Lasik eye surgery! Lasik is expensive enough, but SingleCare can save you $800 or more!
You can go online to their website, and check the pricing for a specific medication, and it will show you how much it will cost at several different pharmacies. Sometimes the pharmacy you’ve been using may not be the best one. It is definitely advantageous to shop around. Each pharmacy has their own pricing, and you could  pay less by going to another one. It’s definitely worth looking into!
Unfortunately, drug prices are continuing to rise. When a manufacturer raises prices, the pharmacies have no option but to raise theirs as well. SingleCare is able to help you combat those rising prices, and it doesn’t cost you anything to sign up for. It’s as simple as going to their website, and clicking the “Register” button. Sign up is super easy and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. They have the tools on their website to help you find the cost of any prescription, as well as any dental or vision treatment.
You really don’t have anything to lose by signing up, and SingleCare could save you hundreds of dollars per month! Who doesn’t like to save money? Think of the other things you could afford to buy with the savings you get from SingleCare. When signing up, they only ask for your name, email and date of birth. It really couldn’t be easier to start saving money, so go sign up now!


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