Simple Healthy Cooking Alternatives

By Alek S.

It’s probably safe to say that most people would like to eat healthier. However, it is the view of too many people that this is easier said healthy cookingthan done. One of the biggest roadblocks that people have put up that prevents them from eating healthier is that it is too difficult to find something to eat that is healthy. However, when it comes to cooking in the kitchen, you can actually make a lot of the same things that you already do and have a healthy meal, if you swap out a few key ingredients for things that are a little more nutritional. Here is a list of some easy, healthy cooking alternatives…

Coconut oil

Although extra-virgin olive oil can be quite healthy, coconut oil is a proven superfood with a vast assortment of different health benefits. While coconut oil has a lot of fats, they are made up of medium-chain fatty acids, which are easier to digest. This means that coconut oil is a great way to get a lot of energy in your food, and can make an excellent substitute for oils and butter. If you’d like to check out more reasons why coconut oil is a terrific superfood, check out this nifty article here.


Another great substitute for butter when you are baking can be applesauce. This can give the same textural benefits as butter, and adds a natural, fruity flavor that gives your baking even more zest. For maximum benefits, go with unsweetened applesauce. Doing this will cut down on the saturated fats that you consume.

Matcha powder

healthy cookingThe matcha tea hype is real, as matcha tea has become a favorite of health nuts all around the world. However, you can actually do a lot more with matcha tea powder than just drink it. Matcha can actually be used as a flavorful supplement to a whole host of foods. For example, instead of using sugar in your next baking adventure, try using a few scoops of naturally sweetened matcha powder to give your baked goods a little extra zing. If you want some other ideas of things you can cook with matcha powder, check out this useful list here.


If you’ve ever wondered how vegans can make such good pastries when they can’t use milk or eggs, then this mystery is about to be answered: bananas. Eggs, which aren’t necessarily unhealthy, but are high in cholesterol, can be substituted with bananas for any baked goods. Bananas help give baked goods their shape, just like eggs, but make everything taste a bit more like banana bread, which is never a bad thing.

Ground turkey

If you’re cooking for a whole family, then you know that ground beef is one of your best friends. Most recipes that can feed an army usually call for a couple pounds of ground beef. However, unless you are buying incredibly high quality products that cost a pretty penny, most ground beef is high in saturated fats. Add this to the fact that red meat increases the risk of heart disease, and it’s probably not a good idea to have it for every meal. Not to worry though! Ground turkey can be just as delicious, and has considerably less fat, making it an excellent substitute whenever ground beef is called for.

Whole wheat flour

healthy cookingThere might seem like a lot of baking substitutions on this list, but it’s only because baked goods are usually some of the biggest culprits of unhealthy things in the kitchen. This time, it’s flour. Standard white flour isn’t necessarily actively bad for you, but it is pretty much nutritionally bankrupt. Whole wheat flour has tons of fiber and proteins that help give you energy and helps your body get essential vitamins. This is an easy substitution that you probably won’t even notice, when it comes to flavor. Substituting for whole wheat pasta is a great idea, as well.

Skim milk

Most dairy products are high in fat. That’s just the sad, sad, sad truth about the world. However, for baking, coffee, cereal, and even just a plain ol’ glass of milk, skim milk can be a reliable substitution. Indeed, aside from the straight up glass of milk, you probably won’t even notice the difference when you use skim milk in your baking.


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