We all love fried foods, right? I’m sure you have also been looking for a better way to fix them. Simple Living Products has just what you need!

About Simple Living Air Fryer

The SUPERHEATED RAPID AIR CIRCULATION TECHNOLOGY used throughout the cooking process of this Air Fryer ensures healthier and crispier food.

  • 80% LESS CALORIES – Enjoy delicious crispy foods without the guilt PLUS less calories than regular frying. Discover a Healthier Version of Fried Foods.
  • It rapidly circulates the oils throughout the entire cooking process to ensure crispy food. This ensures no oil, less fat and fewer calories.
  • Your calorie intake can be reduced by 80% every time you use your airfryer.
  • Prepare your favorite crispy foods with no added oil. This smart technology can ensure crispy food by itself.
  • Choose to Air Fry, Bake, Grill, or Roast your food.

FryerIn operation the air fryer is only warm to touch. It does not heat up its surroundings. Regardless of the temperatures you live in, this portable air fryer will not make your home any warmer. So, you can cook all summer long even if there’s a heatwave.
Unlike deep fryers you do not need to hover over the air fryer while in operation, with its many safety features including the automatic safety shut off and non-slip feet you can be rest assured. It does all the thinking for you with its 7 preset settings. Additionally you can set the time and temperature settings to your own personal preference also. When the timer is done, the automatic shut-off stops the cooking cycle so you never overcook or burn your meal. Additionally, if you pull the basket out during operation it automatically shuts off and resumes once the basket is out back in.

My Thoughts

fryerI have been looking to upgrade my existing air fryers, and this was the perfect solution. It had just what I was looking for, so it made sense to snag it. I love that it is digital. The other air fryers I have are manual, with a turn knob. If I am busy doing other things while cooking, it’s harder to glance over and see how much time is left. This air fryer is also a lot larger than my others. It also has an accessory pack with it, to allow me to make more dishes, like the one I made when I first got it! I made a delicious chicken dish, with ingredients I already had in my refrigerator.  I had never made it before, and I was just winging it. It was simple and there were only 4 ingredients:

  1. boneless, skinless chicken breast
  2. enough bacon to sufficiently cover each breast (as little or as much as you want)
  3. ranch dressing (I used a bottled dressing)
  4. shredded cheese (any that you like)

fryerFirst, I laid out the breast, then I squirted some ranch dressing on the chicken breast. There is no right or wrong amount here, it’s however much to your taste. I then laid out the bacon onto the breasts, again as much or as little as you want.  At this point, I started cooking the chicken.  I put the temp at 350 degrees, and cooked it for around 12 minutes or so. After that time, you the put the shredded cheese on top. This can be whatever cheese and however much you like. I cooked for another 3-5 minutes, until the cheese was to my liking.
I fell in love with this chicken! It was moist, tender and extremely delicious! We paired it with some peas and broccoli for a very fulfilling meal. The air fryer really cooked it to perfection, and it was so easy. The controls are super easy, with it being push button. There is a plus to increase and a minus to decrease. I love that this air fryer has the accessory set with it, so I don’t have to spend additional money on it. It allows me to cook more things, such as brownies and pie. This is seriously the best thing for summer time cooking! You don’t have to worry about it heating up the kitchen and making it hotter in your house.


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