What if I told you that you could use an app to hire talent for your event? Would you take advantage of that? Are you someone looking to get hired? The Special Guest App can help with that, too! Th Special Guest App is a new venture by Damon Wayans and Kris Jones to help entertainers get gigs, and for people to hire those entertainers.

Special Guest App has every talent category you could need. They have DJ’s, comedians, artists, actors, singers, etc. There is literally any type of talent you would be looking for! You can sign up for an account on Special Guest App for free, AND they don’t charge the entertainers for signing up, either. This is a great app that will help artists and entertainers get their talent “out there.” Too many people have some wicked talent but are struggling to get gigs. That’s the whole idea behind Special Guest App!

Damon Wayans, Jr. was on Ellen, discussing the app and his motivation behind it:


Special Guest App: Our Story
Founded by actor Damon Wayans Jr and serial entrepreneur, Kris Jones, Special Guest App is the revolutionary entertainment booking app featured on Apple’s first television show, “Planet Of The Apps.”
Special Guest takes away the problem for hundreds of thousands of live entertainers struggling to secure work on a regular basis because the process of getting gigs is brutally difficult. We leverage mobile to remove friction from the traditional talent booking process enabling anyone, anywhere to discover and hire live entertainment on demand. We provide the technology for anyone to seamlessly host live entertainment in their home, backyard, or similar non-traditional venues with the push of a button.
How Can You Get It?

The app can be downloaded on iTunes, or you can sign up online. The app is free to download! So, what are you waiting for? Go check them out now!


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