Spring Cleaning Tips

By Aurora M.

Spring is the perfect time to declutter your home. There’s something about the weather getting warmer, and the absence of snow, that makes you feel like you can reorganize and redo all of the things in your life, and in your home, that you don’t like. You want to have everything clean and ready for the summer, and so spring is the perfect time to get started, while school-age children are still in school.

Start with the biggest rooms

Spring cleaning can be a really big project. There are often multiple rooms that you feel need a makeover. Try to prioritize your projects; start with the rooms that are the biggest, or that are the biggest problems and need the most work. This way, if you get burned out and decide to postpone the rest of your spring cleaning, at least you got the most important things done already. If you start with all of the small tasks, when you get tired, you’ll feel guilty about the large projects that have been neglected, and chances are that they won’t be cleaned anytime soon.

Watch out for pests

During the colder months of the year, pests like to make their home in your home. The most common places for them to set up camp is

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among clutter. That’s why one of the best ways to prevent dreaded spider infestations is by minimizing clutter and areas where they can hide. So be especially careful when you’re cleaning out certain areas like the attic that may be used most often for storage purposes. For example, your garage can be a major haven for any kind of pests. This article has some great tips for keeping them out and keeping your garage secure.

Clean as you go

The main focus on spring cleaning is often decluttering; this is because it’s generally

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the part of the job that takes the most time and energy. As you’re clearing out and organizing your home, make sure that you take the few extra minutes to clean up, so spring cleaning won’t be nearly as difficult next year. Wipe down all surfaces, and make sure to sweep everything out as well. Even if it doesn’t necessarily look that grimy, it’s still a good idea to get it cleaned up, because the dirt and dust will have at least doubled by next spring, and it will be even harder to get removed! And in some cases, the problem will be worse than just a buildup of dirt, you can sometimes run the risk of developing mold. The more time you invest now, the less time you’ll have to invest in the future to maintain the level of cleanliness.

Enlist help

Spring cleaning can be a large, and daunting, task to take on. Many hands make light work, so make sure you ask for help from your partner, children, or even a friend or neighbor. Not only will the extra set (or two) of hands help you get the project done faster, it will probably be more enjoyable because you have someone to talk to.
Getting help is also the safest option, especially if you’re working on a larger project that can require heavy lifting. You’ll want to be as safe as possible, so having someone else there can make sure that you don’t get stuck in any tough places, and they can make your job a little easier (and safer).

Get creative with your storage

A lot of times, as you accumulate things throughout the year, the things you don’t use as often get pushed into a messy pile. If this is a

3d illustration of White shelves in the interior with various objects

recurring problem, it could be helpful to set up additional storage to prevent the issue from repeating itself multiple times over the years.
Try installing some shelving in your garage or attic. Make sure that they get screwed into the wall securely, so you’re not at risk of having heavy items toppling down onto you. Having shelving on the walls makes it easier to keep things organized, because you can easily see where everything is. It also frees up space on the floor, and encourages you to keep things organized, rather than creating a stack of boxes on the floor, which can be inviting to pests.


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