Stage light in the house? What was I thinking? FUN!!! That’s what! 1byone has a lot of fun things in their store and I got lucky enough to get this.
This stage light is 8.6″ and the lights are LED. Now, I know you are wondering what the difference is between regular lights and LED lights for this, right? The difference is that the LED lights will give you approximately 100,000 hours of show time.
stage lightYou can see how bright those lights are!
Because we all want to be
There aer red, yellow, green, white and blue lights in this little ball of fun.  There are 8 different color modes, which include single colors and multi colors. Trust me, my kids played with all of them! They make the coolest looking designs all over the room. Want to know something fun? My cats kept chasing after the lights as they were dancing on the wall! HAHA! Those cats love bright lights!
stage lightstage light
As you can see, Austin had our house looking like a dance floor..haha!
This stage light is voice activated, or can be controlled with the panel on the front. The beams that are emitted are equivelant to a 150w discharge lamp. It can hang easily, or it can just be sat on the floor like I did.  The stage light is the best thing for youth to hold a fun dance party, or for a couple having a romantic night. It’s a great value at st $46.99 on Amazon. Go check it out now!


"Time spent with cats is never wasted." ~ Sigmund Freud