Bugs. We all have them, whether we like it or not. Bug traps don’t always do the trick, it seems. For me, the issue is gnats, ants and spiders. Not just a daddy long legs spider, either. Nope, we get the ginormous wolf spiders. You know, the ones that make you want to burn the house down. I swear they get bigger each year. I also have cats that like to catch spiders. Weirdos. Of course, we don’t let them keep the spiders once they catch them, because you just don’t know what they have been into. 

Obviously, with pets we can’t lay out poison or anything of the sort for these spiders. We can’t take the chance of one of the kitties getting into it. We’ve tried the ultrasonic pest repellents, but all those really do is use electricity and take up an outlet. They don’t repel the bugs. Thankfully Happy Cornerz has sticky traps! These can be put up high, so that pets can’t get them. They can also be put down low, or even laid flat. I really like that about these sticky traps! Happy Cornerz sent me some traps for review, and I couldn’t believe how easy it is to use them. Now, I do have 1 major recommendation. Use gloves. Seriously, unless you want the glue all over your hands and fingernails, use gloves. I keep disposable gloves on hand, so I used those. You will thank me for this…haha.

When I first pulled the sticky traps out of the package, I didn’t have gloves on, so I was able to feel the glue. It’s very glue-like..haha. Seriously, it feels very strong, and I don’t think that bugs are going to be able to just walk off of it. Right now, we are in gnat season, it seems, and they are everywhere. I’m really hoping these sticky traps helps catch these little buggers!

These traps are super easy to set up and get going. You have the choice of attaching them to your corner or just laying them flat. I chose to lay flat in my corners that are on my counter, because that’s where I am seeing the gnats mostly. I hid it behind my toaster oven, so it wasn’t in sight. Again, I recommend wearing gloves for this. 

First off, clear off the area you want to set it up in. This means removing dust, cobwebs, etc. This will help to prevent debris getting on the glue, which in turn would make it harder to catch bugs. Next up, you will want to visually place it, so you know exactly where you are putting it once the paper backing is off. I say this because that glue is very sticky and it can be a mess if you are placing it, moving it, placing it, moving it, etc. So before removing the backing, put it where you want it, and make sure it’s the right place.

Once you have decided where to put it, go ahead and remove the backing. Keep in mind, that your gloves are going to stick to this thing. Like seriously stick, so try not to touch it directly. I grab it by the edges. Go ahead and place it where you are wanting it. For me, I placed it in a back corner of my counter top, behind my toaster oven. This way it’s out of sight. Not only will company not see it, but if it’s out of sight, my cats won’t see it and want to mess with it. Imagine the mess that would be…oy!

Once you get it placed, you just leave it alone to do it’s job. It really is that simple. Now, like I said, I’ve been having a hard time with gnats. It just seems like they are everywhere. It’s December, they should not be in my house right now! But, alas, we like fruit, and keep a steady supply of oranges, clementines and bananas on hand, so the gnats like to overstay their welcome (not that they were welcome to begin with!).

So, after getting it put in the corner behind the toaster oven, I left it alone for about a week and a half. Today, I pulled out the toaster oven to have a lookie loo. What would you know, but I caught some of those pesky little gnats! I absolutely love that I can take care of a bug problem, without having traps out in the open for guests to see, and my cats to get into. I thought about getting those fly traps, but they have to hang down from something, and they really are an eye sore. With the sticky traps from Happy Cornerz, I don’t have to worry about that. 

This coming spring and summer, these sticky traps will be in use 24/7! I get ants so bad in the spring and summer. I get these tiny ones called sugar ants, I do believe. I try everything to keep them away, but nothing works. I even leave cotton rounds laying around with peppermint oil on them to try to prevent the ants, to no avail. With the sticky traps, I will be able to catch these little suckers and just toss the trap out when it’s full. No bug sprays, and no peppermint oil everywhere. You don’t have to worry about spilling anything while setting it up, and if you do get the glue on something, it cleans off easily with a little rubbing alcohol. This is especially true for fingernails..haha.  Each of these bug traps has 3 pieces to it, so technically, you have 3 traps in each one, making these an even better value!

You know, these traps would be fantastic in the garage, as well! I know that I spend time in my garage during the spring and summer months, setting up garage sales. These would be great to catch flies, bees, etc., while I’m set up out there! I know when we have cookouts, the garage seems to attract flies and such, and it’s such a pain! I will definitely be setting these bug traps up throughout the house and in the garage 🙂

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