Strategies you could use to avoid getting buried in student loan debt 


Debt that indebts you. 

So why do you think merit scholarships and other college scholarships exist? 

Imagine you or your kids getting ready to take admissions in the college, then student loans can sometimes feel like a forgone conclusion.

Evidently, over 70% of graduates leave school with significant student loan debt. That’s 44 million people who owe $1.5 trillion dollars, or around $37,000 per person!

“I attended a 5 years academic course and earned 2 bachelor’s degrees, traveled Poland in between. Plus, I was debt-free, right after finishing degrees. What’s the trick?

A blend of attractive personality or cool sophistication? Right. What about hard work, meanness, not investing time to impress people you don’t like.

Bracing strategies to avoid loading with student loan debt 

When you’re calm and cool, there is a miracle in your route if you’re willing to change things in a new way. Work hard.

Some of  the strategies own avoiding student loan debt are the following

Qualify for a federal student loan forgiveness program 

One of the best ways to eliminate your student loan debt is getting qualified for options handled by the Department of Education or the student loan servicing companies.

There are three major or several student loan forgiveness programs.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness is the most preferred program. These types of student loan forgiveness programs support people who contributed to public service for a period of 10 years.

Apart from government jobs, non- profit jobs, education jobs, and service jobs of public safety are also under this.

Teacher loan forgiveness and military service loan forgiveness are the other two types.

College scholarships 

You don’t have to be a genius to get scholarships. Every school has different scholarship programs, depending on whether it is a public or private institution program.

There are different types of scholarships and programs such as scholarships for disabilities, left-handed scholarships, merit-based scholarships and many more.

Applying for every possible scholarship is a great deal, in fact, you can be the lucky one for some programs. Qualifying for a scholarship would only strike your debt load.

Filing for FAFSA 

The most important point of all. File out for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application every year. Keep up with the latest deadlines. 

It could aid you in determining financial aid eligibility. The awards “Gift Aid” are taken as free money. Such type of aid consists of grants and scholarships

Target State Assistance for your student loans 

Every state at least in the vast majority provides one program, with some states providing multiple programs to meet loan types, employment, and more.

In fact, Kansas offers student loan forgiveness of up to $15,000 for just living in the far distance.

Another example, doctors, health professionals, and dentists in California are eligible for such programs. The student loan forgiveness offers are available for professors, speech therapists, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and teachers.

Before quitting a try on Federal Loan forgiveness programs, try for incentives or assistance under student loan forgiveness by state.

Focus if your manager offers Tuition Reimbursement 

As the market system is getting competitive, numerous managers are providing tuition reimbursement helping off students covering their educational expenses.

Starbucks offers full degree programs under employee benefits.

Student loan repayment programs are now encouraged by companies to cover a cent percent of their debt.

The work-study program is the wisest way offered by your college; a chance to eliminate your tuition reimbursement program.

Before or after completing your studies, make sure you find a plan, where your manager provides financial aid benefits.

Federal student loan Consolidation 

Consolidating your federal student loans won’t help you lower your payments but help you financially get organized.

It means that, if you are unable to pay off your student loans on time, private loans will be the other. And bearing multiple loan debts ultimately affects your credit score and disqualifies you for other financial structures.

So consolidation is pretty relevant while maintaining it in an organized fashion.

Getting a repayment plan 

Find a repayment option that matches your ability to pay.

Getting automatically enrolled right after your graduation in the standard repayment plan, with up to 120 fixed monthly payments during a repayment term of up to 10 years.

By paying low interests over a standard repayment term, you’ll do some savings.

Also, having many federal student loans, you can manage your loan debts by using multiple repayment plans.

Set Up an IBR plan with student loan forgiveness 

After failing for an alternative option or repayment plan, you can always go for income-based repayment plans under federal loans. Income-based repayment and Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) are the two best benefits offered for student loan forgiveness at the end of the repayment process. Many people miss this chance.

The remaining balance on your loan will be pardoned, unlike a federal student loan forgiveness plan, you’ll owe taxes.

Taking both these plans with your proof of income, the department of education will deduct a certain amount of your income like 10% of your discretionary income, creating your monthly student loan payment affordable.

Working in Public service, applying for IBR and PAYE plus adding it with PSLF is the best method to minimize your student loan debt.

Refinancing student loans 

Always refinance your student loans to cut your debt bearing private student loans. It’ll lower your payment and minus your loan debt.

Another trick is refinancing your student loans at a lower repayment, and also to keep clearing past payment. This will clear off thousands of your plan, saving you thousands of dollars. Use a tool like credible to search loans at the lowest rates. Most concerning about private student loans is the variable loan rates.

Earn more money 

Take this best option, when none of your options/plans work in anyways against loan debt. You can make an effort to earn more money. It is possible to earn at least $100 per month which can prove beneficial for your student loan debt, striking down at least $1,200 per year.

Attempting for a side hustle is also another alternative way. To be honest, one of the main reasons to educate yourself is to make yourself worthy enough to earn more.

Others tips 

You can:

  • Use second-hand books, save your money on buying textbooks.
  • Make the best use of food-coupons whenever necessary.
  • Get a roommate and share staying expenses.
  • Save your fuel expense by staying near your colleges.
  • Do some part-time jobs, especially jobs provided by your institution.
  • Choose your friends wisely.
  • Choose your major you’re really interested in.
  • Avoid alcohol or expensive drinks.
  • Try to be wise over small pleasures.
  • Work hard.

Trick or treat your loans 

So, that was how some people made it. Right after graduation, one year from college from now, those people found jobs and were freed from loan debt.

Starting is never easy, but the ending isn’t hard. Everyone struggles and falls. Distraction is again the core part of it, and sacrificing small pleasures, missing crazy holidays. But, learning is believing, believing is working hard. Getting scholarships proved to be the best thing.

But overall, a person who works hard only continues to value lessons, be independent, stay strong, come up with solutions.

So finding such strategies could be very useful and recycle-able for anyone, for the youngsters heading for college life. Applying the techniques above, debt problems could eliminate sound fully.


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