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Some of you may not know this, but a few months ago I started designing journals and planners to publish on Amazon. This can be an easy task if you have the right tools available to you. When I first started, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have cool graphics, and I sure didn’t know what SVG files were!

One day, I happened upon Design Bundles. I’ve been addicted ever since! Design Bundles plays a part in almost every single book cover I create! They have everything I need, from backgrounds to clipart to words/sayings. I absolutely love the selection, and I have bought way more than I care to admit on there..haha. They have amazing prices, that will literally fit any budget! They have a plus membership as well, that is a monthly fee. You are not obligated to purchase a plus membership to use their website, though, and in fact, they even offer a freebie section!


SVG Files

Let’s talk SVG files. What makes these files superior? You can ungroup the picture and make changes! You can recolor the individual pieces within the image, making it unique to your project. You can add different elements to it, as well. With a regular image file, you can’t ungroup it, and if you recolor, it recolors the entire thing. SVG files allow you to make those changes to make your images unique to what you are doing.

Another advantage to using SVG files, is the fact that they retain resolution quality when resized. With your regular image files, if you enlarge the image you lose quality. The image will start to blur or become pixelated around the edges. With an SVG file, this does not happen.

SVG files are also smaller in size than other files. This means they take up less room on your computer. Trust me when I say that you will want this! If you are anything like me, you’ve downloaded so many files from Design Bundles that you need an external drive to hold them all! It’s quite addicting!

Where to buy SVG files?

I bet, at this point, you are seeing that Design Bundle is awesome. You will never have to wonder where to buy SVG files! They have so many to choose from, you could never get through them all, it seems! They have them in all price points, to fit pretty much any budget, as well.

But, what can I do with them?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Design Bundles makes it easy to do pretty much any project. Their vast selection of files will help you create most anything your heart desires. I personally have made journals and planners, but you can make everything from coffee mugs to shirts. You can use these files for any craft you can think of! I have a friend who uses these files to make stuffed animals with names on them, and large drink tumblers, and pretty much everything!

You don’t have to make things to sell, either. You can keep it personal and just make things for yourself or family.  Imagine the fun you could have making notebooks, backpacks, etc., personalized for your kiddos at school! You could do matching shirts for a family vacation, as well. Really, the projects you can do with SVG files from Design Bundles is limitless!


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