The Key Medical Decisions You Can Make For Your Baby Before Birth

Becoming a parent will change your life, not just because of the responsibilities it brings. There are certain key medical decisions that you would need to make for the baby even before he or she is born. Unless you have the proper awareness and are educated enough, these life-altering decisions will be made by someone else, probably your medical team. Obviously, it makes sense that you be aware of them so that you have the power to decide. Let us explain to them in detail so that you can decide your preferences and inform the doctor well in time.

Delayed cord clamping

Typically, the umbilical cord is clamped within a minute of birth. However, it had been found that delaying cord clamping by a couple of minutes after birth gets the baby a few extra pulses of blood from the placenta.  Amazingly, this extra can be a significant part of the total blood volume.  It can prevent anemia during the first few months of life.  Delayed cord clamping is something you have to expressly mention in your birth plan. However, you should discuss the risks and benefits with your provider before going ahead.

Cord blood banking

The baby’s umbilical cord is loaded with mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which can miraculously be used for saving the little one and even your family members from a host of diseases. With the advancement of technology, cord blood banking has become an easily available service that lets you preserve it for future use. If you fail to do it, this precious resource will go in the trash. You may also opt for banking the umbilical cord tissue to avail the same remarkable benefits.

Placental tissue banking

Apart from cord blood and tissue, you may also look for placental tissue banking as it is a much richer source of stem cells. These include mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and amniotic epithelial cells (or AECs). And if you ask What can placental tissue be used for, you will be amazed by the potential it has. Banking this tissue is like biological insurance for your entire family as it gives them access to regenerative stem cell medicine and opens up several new treatment possibilities.


Another significant decision that you need to make and live with is breastfeeding. While the benefits are immense, it can be quite challenging for the new mom. This decision is as much importance for you as a mother as it is for the baby. The discomfort and pain is a small price to pay, considering that this is a gift for the little one. Breast milk is rich in nutrients and is easy to digest for the baby. So if you can commit to it, this one is a great choice for the child.

Pick a pediatrician

A pediatric examination is something you would want for the baby right after birth. If you deliver in a hospital and have not chosen a pediatrician at the time of birth, the hospital will usually assign an in-house pediatrician for the first examination.  But you can pick your own pediatrician and request a visit for having a look at the baby. It is worth doing some research beforehand so that you can choose the best one.

Being prepared for these decisions should surely be a part of your birth plan. Do involve your gynecologist and seek their advice to make sure that you do only the best for your bundle of joy.


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