I love the fall season. Not only does fall have the ideal temperatures, but the smells from the leaves turning is an amazing scent! If I could have fall all year round, I would. One of the favorite things in our household about fall, is Halloween! To us, Halloween is a time for fun. It doesn’t signify anything other than that for us. So, when I had a chance to read a Halloween story, I totally jumped on it!

The Legend of Mr. Ween is a very intriguing story. The plot keeps you interested, and that is what makes a great story! I can usually tell within the first few pages if a book is going to interest me. Daren Ross made sure that the story was going to draw its readers in, and keep them there until the end.

In a way, it was like the story was telling the origin of Halloween, and it was, but it was different than most other stories. This one was more of a supernatural story, and things happened within it that, I won’t lie, scared me witless! I mean, the characters were described very well, and it was like I was right there with Hal Ween and his army, battling these creatures along side them. It sounds crazy, yes, but that’s what makes it a great story!

If you are looking for a good Halloween read, then The Legend of Mr. Ween is the one for you. Not only does it have a great story line, but it isn’t overly long. It was roughly 14 chapters long, which is a good length. I definitely recommend it!


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