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The Moment Someone Ran A Red Light

By Majenica Moles

On December 11, my poor Saturn was destroyed. My husband was leaving work, heading home, when another driver disregarded a red light and hit him. These kinds of situations sometimes warrant the need for a personal injury attorney. Not always, but sometimes.

What Happened

As I stated above, my husband was leaving work just after 3:30 p.m. The stop light was green for him, so he was traveling along. Out of nowhere, he was hit. A driver from the other lane had disregarded the red light, and hit him on the passenger side. They were both in shock, obviously.

My husband was sure that his light was green, and the other driver was sure that hers was red. The police were called, and an accident report was made. Because the witness statements were varied, it was deemed both at fault. It turns out that one of the witnesses was the other driver’s friend, and wasn’t telling the truth. Our insurance company had decided to further investigate and had found this information.


Both vehicles had damage, but our car was totaled. My husband was quite sore afterwards, and had missed work for a day or two. Our insurance took care of our car situation, providing a rental car and giving us the value of our car to purchase another. What we should have done, was sue the other driver. The reason we did not, was because she didn’t have insurance, so she obviously wouldn’t have been able to take care of anything the court would order her to.

She posted on social media, stating that my husband hit her, and calling him names. She “milked” the situation, complaining for months about being sore and hurt, yet she had refused medical care at the scene. Within a few weeks after the accident, she wrecked another vehicle. She was determined to place the blame on my husband, and make herself out to be innocent.


About three months after the accident, my husband received notice that his license had been suspended. We were shocked! We had provided the necessary insurance information when the accident occurred, and thought we were fine. We had to get a hold of our insurance company, who took care of it immediately, and my husband had his license reinstated within 48 hours. The other driver wasn’t so lucky. Since she didn’t have insurance, she got her license suspended for three months. She eventually admitted that she was at fault, and now has to pay back our insurance company for all expenses.

All of these things combined would have made a great personal injury claim. The fact that she didn’t have insurance, combined with the loss of our vehicle and the suspension of my husband’s license, would have been a trifecta! Personal injury attorney’s are specialized in their area, so it is best to use one if you are considering litigation. You really want one that is dedicated to personal injury, as they usually have more experience with it, rather than someone who is a general attorney. If you are looking for a personal injury attorney in Tampa, Florida, there are some great ones, such as Hunter Law Group. No matter what attorney you choose, make sure to vet them first, to ensure you are making an informed decision.


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