Tips For Beginner Photographers

So, you want to be a photographer? The first thing you need to do is decide if this is going to be a hobby or a career. The path you choose will determine what you need to know.


You don’t need a super expensive camera when you first start out. Many people even use their smartphone as a professional camera, and use different clip-on lenses. Now, if you are doing events such as weddings, galas, etc., then a smartphone might not be the option for you. There are still plenty of great quality cameras out there to start with, that won’t break the bank.


There are some accessories that are a must-have. A carrying case is highly recommended, so as not to damage the camera in between uses. You don’t necessarily need a lot of equipment or accessories, but a tripod might come in handy for sure! A handheld timer button would be fantastic as well, for taking group photos with yourself in them.

When To Carry Your Camera

The answer to this one is easy: always. If you are serious about photography, then you will want to carry your camera with you all of the time. You never know when the perfect shot will pop up, and you want to be prepared. There is nothing worse than having a perfect shot, but no camera to take it with!

Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal will help you in your photography journey. Make lists of items and people you might want to photograph. You can brainstorm, to make lists of themed collections, or backgrounds you want. Making a list of available places to use as background props is a great way to always know what options you have. Making a list of photos you want to take would make a great daily or weekly challenge. You could challenge yourself to take 1 photo per day, for a month, and use your list as a guide.

Check Out Other Photographers

Look to other photographers for inspiration. Check out their background, and see how they got started. This information can be very interesting. It might help you understand a bit more about what you need to do in the beginning, as well as what you might need to continue doing. Adrian Rubin is one such photographer. He went to school and received a degree in photography, and has used his photography skills to travel and take photos all over the world.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Everyone started somewhere. Don’t be too hard on yourself, or you will burn out quickly. Have fun with photography! Take pictures regularly, and of things you love. Don’t put yourself down, or say that you aren’t any good. Reality is, you are most likely a lot better than you give yourself credit for!

Make Money With It

You can easily sell some stock photos online to make a few extra dollars. These can be random photos of animals, flowers, etc. You might as well make some cash while doing something you love!


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