Fun, challenges and learning some skills are the basic of any sport. If you like adventurous and tricky sports, you can give preference to skateboarding. It is a thrilling action sport. You can consider it as first step to adventure sports like – ice-skating, scuba diving, surfing etc. Skateboarding is a skill to balance the body moving with wheels on legs. It keeps your mind active and promotes new insight. So, it will certainly excite you. 

 Basic to Start

To begin with this sport, you have to set your mind first whether you are opting it for fun or learning some tricks or developing some great skills. Are you going to practice this sport in a park or on the streets? It is good for beginners to answer these questions and then it’s time to select a suitable board, safety guards and appropriate clothes. There are budget constraints as well, so keeping that in mind, you need to select a good and affordable skateboard. You must carefully examine the parts of skateboard like – trucks, wheels, bearings, and deck. Understanding its mechanism is beneficial to handle the skateboard easily. There are different skateboards available in the market. 

Types of skateboards   

The four most common types of skateboards are Penny Boards, Longboards, Old school Fishtail type Boards and Regular Skateboards. These boards are suitable for cruising and tricking. For beginners, a penny board is considered to be the best one. 

Penny Boards

A Penny Board is a type of plastic skateboard with cruiser wheels and trucks. It has a plastic deck which is very light in weight, but it is strong and durable. It is most suitable for the beginners. Penny board has become a trademark or brand for skateboarding. It is also called as the Penny skateboard. 

Penny Nickel Boards

Beginners can also select an advanced board if they have mastered some of the skateboarding skills. An advanced board is penny nickel board and it is a shortboard which is more suitable for the beginners. It is very light in weight and so easy to pack in a bag. You can carry it anywhere to practice. Its waffle top on the deck provides grip and stability on your ride. 

How to learn skateboarding on penny boards

It is fun and exciting to learn skateboarding for the beginners and penny boards are best for the beginners. You must learn to stand properly on the board to advance your skills. Boys can perform all types of tricks on these boards like, flatland tricks, rail grinds, stair jumps and a lot more. All riders are not same, so it may be easy for some to learn these skills and some may take time, but practice will make you perfect.

If you are a complete beginner then here are some of the steps which you must keep in mind before you begin:

(i) Bend your knees and stand firmly on the board.

(ii) One foot should be in the front position on the board.

(iii) Your body weight should be over the front foot.

(IV) To roll on a skateboard you push on the ground with your foot and balance your body and speed with the help of the front foot.

(V) Do practice with the support of a pole; it will protect you from falling or prevent injuries.

(VI) You can balance your body with your hands also; concentration and practicing will bring perfection.


Skateboarding is a fascinating sport for teenagers and youngsters. The sport is challenging and requires one to be careful, but if you be wise in selecting the board, and follow proper steps then it will become easy to learn the sport. You should not be scared to learn new tricks if you really want to be a pro, but take all the precautions to avoid injury. It will be fun to learn the sport. Regular practice improves mental and physical health balance. It inspires one to never give up. Soon, you will master all the skills.

Best of Luck


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