Your kitties are your family, am I right? Mine definitely are! Treat your kitties right with products from Auto Pets!

Kitty Play Zone

kittiesThe Kitty Play Zone ($24.99) is an imaginative art project and kitty playhouse in one. Children will have a blast building and decorating their playhouse. From a cozy forest cottage to an ancient royal palace, you can get creative with your Kitty Place Zone! With a built-in feeding station, climbing tower, and loft, cats will love playing with it too!
The kid-designed, kitty-approved Kitty Play Zone provides hours of fun for kids and cats!
  • Two-story design with climbing tower
  • Includes bowls for private feeding station
  • White cardboard exterior for decorating

This is super fun, not only for the kitties, but for humans, too! The kitties get to play in it, while us humans get to color it. It really makes a greatkitties family activity, and is a lot of fun making the kitty play zone really colorful. The kitty play zone is made of very sturdy cardboard, and isn’t flimsy in the least. It is very easy to put together, and we had it up and kitties playing in it within minutes! The kitties really like the food dishes in there, as we put snacks and whatnot in there for them as a treat. We’ve actually hung a feather from a string on the inside for added fun for them. We have 5 kitties, and every one of them love the kitty play zone!
To the left you can see the stainless steel dishes. I like that they are not plastic, as one of my kitties is allergic to the plastic dishes. The stainless steel dishes, I feel, are easier to clean up as well, and they don’t scratch as easily as plastic. The kitties love them, because now they get snacks in their playhouse..haha!

Aren’t these little shutters just adorable? They are seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! It’s like I have little cat people living inside of a house, inside of MY house..haha!

Feed Safe Feeding Station

kittiesGive your pet a safe area to eat in peace. The Feed-Safe ($79.95) covered feeding station with adjustable door keeps larger pets out while protecting your smaller pet and its food.
The Feed-Safe makes feeding a breeze, offers security to your pet, and reduces the mess around food and water bowls. No more waiting around at mealtime, standing guard over your smaller pet’s food, and shooing away your larger pet. You can stop feeding your cat on your counter, in the basement, or in the garage. Let Feed-Safe improve mealtime for you and your pets! Purchase includes one Feed-Safe domed station and two 1-quart stainless steel bowls. Dimensions: 16″ H x 23″ W Doorway: 9″ H x 7″
This feeding station is great for families with dogs, as dogs love to get into cat food, and it’s not healthy for them. The small doorway is great forkitties keeping dogs, and other large animals (think outside) out. For us, this is to feed outside kitties that come to visit. We don’t have any dogs, so we didn’t need to use it inside. But, we have many strays in the neighborhood, and we don’t like to just leave bowls of food and water sitting on the porch. This tends to attract animals that we don’t want, such as stray dogs. We put this on the porch with food in it.
It is super easy to take the dishes out to clean, since we just pop the lid off. With the smooth plastic material, it is easy to wipe clean, and sanitize every week. This is really a great way to feed neighborhood cats without attracting unwanted animals.

Removable stainless steel feeding dishes.

The adjustable door to keep unwanted creatures out.

The exit flap.



"Time spent with cats is never wasted." ~ Sigmund Freud