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TYLENOL® has decided to celebrate ALL families. They believe that it is not about who you love, but rather how you love ♥ To do this, they have created the #HowWeFamily program. The #HowWeFamily website shares with us the story of 11 real American families, including one from spokesperson Gabrielle Union. You can also learn more on the TYLENOL® #HowWeFamily Facebook page.
This holiday season, TYLENOL® is continuing the celebration of families and how they celebrate with each other and come together. The holidays are such a big part of every culture, no matter how you celebrate them.
We celebrate as a family, and with our extended family. We might not get to see each other much throughout the year, but we make sure to get together during the holidays. Of course within our home, we celebrate with each other and our furry members. We have so much love for them that I can’t help but share them with you! Of course these are just two of them. The other two decided they weren’t going to pose..haha!
We, as a family, put up a Christmas tree each year. When we do this, we are creating memories to last a lifetime. We use ornaments that we’ve collected over the years, as well as a ladder with Santa and his Elves that a grandparent made by hand. Oh look, another furry family member!
TYLENOL® has compiled a video that is just phenomenol. It shows the joy, laughter, surpise and unconditional love that these families have. TYLENOL® has made sure that nothing mattered more to them over the past 60 years, than the well-being of my family and yours.  Please take a moment to watch the following video. You won’t regret it.

**You can also click this link to get to the video: How We Family Video
I was so moved by this video. It really shows us the different ways that people family. I guess I don’t really think about the fact that some parents are overseas in the military for the holidays, and I never really got to see a reaction on my oldest son’s face when he learned he was going to be a big brother, as he was only a year old himself. It really brings things into perspective for me. Everyone is going through something, and it affects the way that they family. I was literally sitting here in tears after watching this video, seeing the different reactions that each person had to the situation.
For us, family is priority. We get together with other family members at the holidays, yes, but during the year our close family is priority, especially my children. They come first in everything. During the holidays, we tend to spend more time together, though. We play games, have more movie nights. We seem to joke around more and are more light hearted. We have traditions that we do each year. One tradition that we have done every single year since my husband and I got married is to drive around on Christmas Eve and look at lights and decorations. It isn’t a spectacular tradition to most, but to us it is #HowWeFamily.
We love each other, we respect each other and above all, we cherish each other. These moments are not guaranteed. You can love everyone in the world, but it doesn’t mean as much if you don’t show  it. Take my boys, for example. They are brothers, teenagers, friends most of the time, enemies sometimes. But if anyone ever did or said anything bad to one of them? The other would be right there to defend and protect them. Look at them. I don’t get these kinds of pictures often. You know, the kind where they actually seem to like each other..lol. I cherish these moments. Why? Because that’s #HowWeFamily!
How do you family? Tell me below!


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